Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blue Bike

Harry Reid's Reelection Plan - Lie

Just as Reid has done in Congress as a US Senator he is now doing in his home state as he tries to get reelected to yet another term. As hapless Harry dissembles he appoints others to lie for him. Now he has the vaunted Washington Post enlisting Greg Sargent to shade, spin and lie for them and he is doing what he's known for on behalf of the vaunted Sen. Harry Reid. Legal Insurrection has the goods of the Sargent Major of Newspeak who works for newspeak central, the Washington Post.

Greg Sargent Targets Sharron Angle, Hits WaPo

Sargent is embarrassing The Washington Post by turning its blog into nothing more than a political campaign website, going far beyond the usual political opinion columnists. Sargent may be targeting Angle, but he is hitting WaPo.

Why doesn't WaPo just sub-contract out to Media Matters or Think Progress?

The early attacks on Angle have been planned by the Reid campaign, but fortunately, Harry Reid is who Harry Reid is.

People like Reid and Sargent deserve each other. Good people don't deserve their like.


Obama to name a competence czar

From Paco World News Daily (PWN'D):

asking the nation's billionaires to pledge to give at least half their net worth to charity

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett

For your convenience I can just stamp your check as opposed to you having to write out "Invincible Armor".