Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Al Gore-Run Baby Run

Al Gore is surprise choice of Scottsdale Dems

SCOTTSDALE - Democrats in District 8, which covers most of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, surprisingly chose non-candidate Al Gore as their favorite presidential nominee in a recent straw poll.

Please run Al. Please. Oh, pretty please. Please, please, please.

The Il Duce of National Socialism Environmentalism

FUGLY In Amsterdam

The ING House in Amsterdam of the Dutch architects Meyer & Van Schooten

Education Wussies Win Again

Chandler boy suspended for sketching gun
An East Valley eighth-grader was suspended this week after he turned in homework with a sketch that school officials said resembled a gun and posed a threat to his classmates.
Allowing this behaivor could lead to dodgeball, dodgeball to playing army, playing army to kissing girls, kissing girls to sexual harrassment, sexual harrassment to rape, rape to Columbine.
There, nice and neat. Drawings is bad. They should have started killing an earlier Van Gogh. Then we could have nipped this all in the bud.
Oh wait, that was an Islamofascist, not the NEA. Are you sure?

Wackmob Netters Start to Eat Their Own

The wackmob is unhappy. As they should be. Pelosi and Reid haven't delivered. Anything, let alone any progressive legislation.
OpenLeft directs netroots fire at conservative Democrats
And so, you may have noticed a lot of chatter about ‘Bush Dog’
Democrats over the past few days. That’s not an accident. We’ve been working to
identify the group of conservative Democrats in the House who are holding back
progressives from being able to effectively govern. These are concentrated in
two main caucuses, the Blue Dog Caucus and the New Democrat caucuses. Blue Dogs consider themselves heirs to the Southern conservative wing of the party, and tend to vote for socially restrictive policies and a hawkish foreign

Holding progressives from being able to effectively govern? The stench from that statement could knock a buzzard off a crap wagon at 50 yards.

Outside of the progressive policy concerning the War On Terror, which is cut and run and love your local terrorist, many people aren't aware of the Progressive Caucus in Congress or what the Progressive agenda is.

Here is a sampling:
oppose the continued increase in prison construction on the State
and Federal levels. We demand a five year moratorium on prison building, and the
transfer of all earmarked prison funds into education and community

Social transformation is impossible
without a strong labor movement.

We support continued cross-border labor organizing, and the addition
of social clauses to NAFTA, GATT, ITO and other trade

Of all the attacks on working people by the Contract With America, the radical downsizng of an already meager system of social welfare programs and public goods has had the most immediate impact on our lives.

We reject the scapegoting of immigrants, women, queer people, and
other marginalized communities as a response to economic instability,
recognizing their positive role in our society. We are committed to an
immigration policy which ties the free movement of capital to free movement of
people, bold policies to expose and counter glass ceilings for women and people
of color, and legislated protection from hate crimes for traditionally targeted
communities including the addition of sexual orientation to the Civil Rights
I say let the Democratic Party have it's Carnival of Cannibals. It would be good for the country if they leave the table full.


New Schools in Iraq

Excited with anticipation, local children watch as the concrete walls are laid and the rebar for columns are installed. Working through the Provincial Reconstruction Development Council and the local maneuver unit, the 25th Infantry Division, the Governorate of Kirkuk requested the construction of a permanent facility to replace the tent school in Zakros. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo by Mike Bransford

The Only Thing Wrong With Iraq Is That It's Filled With Iraqis

Give a Democrat a murderer or a pedophile and they see a ray of hope because their crimes are never the criminals fault. Kinda the way Democrats feel about terrorists.

Give the Democratic Party two countries coming out from under dictatorial governments and they see nothing but problems which means we should abandon them. Kinda like terrorists want.

50 plus million people.

Democrats Refocus Message on Iraq After Military Gains Criticism Shifts
to Factional Unrest

Democratic leaders in Congress had planned to use August recess to raise the heat on Republicans to break with President Bush on the Iraq war. Instead, Democrats have been forced to recalibrate their own message in the face of recent positive signs on the security front, increasingly focusing their criticisms on what those military gains have not achieved: reconciliation among Iraq's diverse political

In the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, former
senator John Edwards issued a scathing attack on Clinton's remark. But he said
there has been "progress in Al-Anbar province."

"Senator Clinton's view that the President's Iraq policy is
'working' is another instance of a Washington politician trying to have it both
ways," Edwards campaign manager David Bonior said in a statement. "You cannot be for the President's strategy in Iraq but against the war. The American people deserve straight talk and real answers on Iraq, not double-speak, triangulation, or political positioning."

First it was the military's inability to deal with problems. Then it was all Bush's fault or was Rumsfeld first. Throw in various military figures and government officials to blame and the Democratic trail of tears for America's honor just gets longer. Especially so because the Democrats always knew the Iraqis just aren't up to the task of the responsibilities of freedom and democracy. At least the Iraqis aren't up to it like Democrats are. After all they are Muslims, a religion Democrats support and revere, but still, you know, they are Muslim. Democrats understand democracy better than Republicans and better that Arabs, i.e. Muslims, because, well, they just do.

That is why Democrats are above double-speak, triangulation or political positioning. Since the surge isn't working, the war is really a civil war and all real Americans want the troops home, the Democrats will speak truth to power to the people during this August recess. They would never stoop to cheap politics by abandoning their principles and their real truth about the war.

Personally, I look forward to hear their plans during the recess. It is refreshing to listen to politicians that stick to their guns beliefs never allowing the slings and arrows of politics to sway them.

Too bad about those Iraqis and Afghans though, eh?