Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The party of tolerance supports the religion of peace

Mike Rogers' Office Vandalized

Congressman Mike Rogers' home is under police guard after his Lansing office was severely vandalized last night.

The case is being handled by the FBI and the S Capitol Police, who have requested that the Lansing Police investigate the matter.

According to the Congressman's spokesperson, the office was
extensively damaged.

Anti-war protesters vow more office takeovers

Peace activists armed with poetry occupied the Capitol Hill office of Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Tuesday to protest Democrats’ support for a bill funding the Iraq war. They camped out in his office for nearly eight hours, reading verse and reciting the names and biographies of soldiers killed in Iraq, punctuating each by banging on a gong they had brought with them.
Protein Wisdom states "And so again I ask: what is the liberal Democratic plan? How do they see the world and our place in it?" Put another way, how does the US deal with terrorists that have pledged to kill us if we are not allowed to militarily defend ourselves?
On the one hand, liberals visit violence on any they disagree with, on the other, they proclaim violence is not the way. If the past does indeed give us a guide to the future, the violence will indeed get worse if the liberals do not get their way. They have set cities on fire, destroyed campuses and viciously attacked police and the military and when any of their intended victims strike back they have successfully turned the table and assumed the holy mantle of victim hood.
An amusing twist this time around are those liberals who assume "conservative" auras to bewail their disappointment, then hurt and eventual anger. Glen Greenwald(s) comes to mind. While reading blogs and their comments one finds the "conservatives" who are now ashamed to be called conservative.

You guys are the ones who want to keep your costly, ineffective social program
going forever, SGT Ted.
That makes you the lefties to my Reagan Republican
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03/20 at 07:35 PM
As with the Federal Judges firings a tempest-in-a-teapot, it is also a concerted effort of the liberals, who believe they can hide behind an anonymous Internet, to try to divide and conquer through actual and intellectual sock puppetry.
As seen above, this is the 1960's for them all over, those halcyon days, with gongs, effigies, spray paint and destruction.
Why can't liberals be honest instead of spoiled and petulant children that can't grow up?
When it absolutelty, positively has to be destroyed overnight