Monday, April 09, 2012

57 States. 58th Named 'Despair'

Having a constitutional scholar in the White House is fabulous, except when it's not. Having a SCOTUS rubber stamp a "popular" constituted law is pretty damned good, except when it's not.

So, ObamaCare is so popular it was passed by big margins? Maybe, Obama thinks it was a bipartisan huge victory with votes as huge as a 57 state margin. In Illinois, Cook County's Department of Dead Motor Vehicle and Voting Rights (CCD DMVVR) was so excited they brought along their friends in 7 additional (and a yet unnamed state) to pass even more "popular" legislation even though they didn't know what was in them.

Obama never named the 58th state, which at the time he still hadn't visited, but it is named the State of Despair and we're living in it.