Saturday, January 05, 2008

Coney Island's Dreamland


If Steeplechase represented fun and sexuality, and Luna was the juxtaposition of art and youth, Dreamland was the Bible brought to Brooklyn with hints of showmanship. The park was the brainchild of a crooked businessman, William H. Reynolds. He had many connections in the Tammany politics of New York. Reynolds was the poster boy for crooked politics and seemed to have his fingers in most every pie- he even sold Chrysler the plot of land where his art-deco urban masterpiece would grow. Author Richard Snow said that Reynold's underhanded activities were brought to Coney and that Dreamland was built so fast that many islanders felt the park grew over many of the area's fire hydrants, ensuring the park free city water for its short life. Dreamland only operated from 1904-1911, but during that time the park helped turn the island into a city unlike anything the modern world had seen.

During the Korean War my father-in-law protected Coney Island from attack as a crewman of a United States Navy blimp.

Coney Island was never attacked.

When It's Time To Take Mom's Car Keys

Sometimes it's obvious when, like this;

"They certainly don’t have our standards. They don’t have our ethics, and so forth."

Thank you Lord for answered prayers.