Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Don't Ask Don't Tell Campaign Of The Disaster Called Obama

From Ed Driscoll with some added points:
I added some of my own:

Identifying the race based strategy of a presidential campaign is racist. So ignore the blatant racism of the campaign.

A presidential candidate bows to the teachings of a socialist reverend for 20 years and claims the reverend is a nobody. Ignore the obvious.

A presidential candidate rams through Congress the largest tax increase in our history and calls it a benefit for our health. That it will destroy our health industry, major corporations and our health as individuals and a nation is totally ignored.

A presidential candidate has and is lying about every facet of his political history is really just campaigning. All candidates do it. So, yep, ignore it.

A presidential candidate who tells corporations to purposely violate federal labor laws to help him get reelected and he’ll pay their legal bills. Ignore that too.

A president that sent an openly gay ambassador to a Muslim country, ignored his pleas for more protection and then left him and others to die and, as they lay dying,  the president blamed it on a film maker and his low budget video trailer to cover for his campaign. Yeah, I know. So what?

A president who knowingly lied, along with his lapdog media and leftist politicians and bureaucrats, about Death Panels for our elderly and infirm lie about anything. Let’s ignore it. Right?