Monday, January 05, 2009

Obama's Under The Bus Gang Grows

Maybe having Bobby Rush doing the vetting wasn't such a good idea after all, but, alas, all is well. Just throw him under the bus with granny and the others.

Aides to both men insisted Richardson made the decision to withdraw and was not pushed out by Obama. But one Democrat involved in discussions over the matter said transition officials became increasingly nervous during the last couple of weeks that the investigation could become an embarrassment to Obama, who ran on a clean government pledge.

Obama is going to need a four wheel drive bus jus to get over the bodies.

Harry Reid: If You Can't Lie No Better

You might as well tell the truth, as Delbert says....

Incredulous is a word that came to mind as I watched David Gregory interview Harry Reid on Sunday's "Meet the Press."

Reid did his normal interview shtick which is his 'every body's wrong cept'in me' shuffle, lied about pretty much everything and then lied about when he had lied. As always, Reid did it in a quiet and soft spoken voice smiling like an undertaker at a funeral who has just screwed the family of the deceased.

But, hey, that's our Senate majority leader, Hapless Harry Reid.

There was a jaw dropper when David Gregory asked some tough questions of Reid which Reid answered with no answer except to ask us to look to history and for us to believe that he, Reid, was as brilliant as Petraeus and responsible as President Bush when Iraq turned around to the good which wasn't all that good because it didn't happen, but what did happen isn't so bad because I am as brilliant as Petraeus even though the the surge didn't work and Iraq is really still lost.

But, hey, that's our Senate majority leader, Hapless Harry Reid.

MR. GREGORY: You said that the war is lost. Today, in 2009, that's no longer your view?
SEN. REID: David, listen, someone else will have to determine that as the years go on. What has the war done? It's brought about--it's destabilized the Middle East. We have a civil war going on in Israel. We have a civil war in Iraq, as indicated today, more than 50 people killed with a bomb in Iraq today. We have Lebanon, a civil war there. We have Iran thumbing their nose with every, everyone. And if that weren't bad enough, our standing in the world community is so far down as a result of this war, so--and that doesn't take into consideration the tens of thousands who have been injured...
MR. GREGORY: Mm-hmm.

A civil war in Israel? Yeah, right Harry.

A civil war in Iraq? A civil war which is funded and largely fought by outsiders?

A civil war in Lebanon? Uh, still partying like it's 1990 Harry?

Iran thumbing their nose at every, everyone? Really? I thought that other famous pugilist, Jimmy Carter, took care of that on January 20, 1981.

Our standing in the world is so far down? Yeah, it sucks that the Fidel Castros and the Baby Huey Chavezs of the world don't like us, but you and the Nancy, working with the "O", will rectify that in a jiffy, eh.

Holdin' up that alibi that's tissue paper thin
Diggin' down deeper and deeper
In that hole you're already in

If you can't lie no better
If you can't lie no better
If you can't lie no better than that,
You might as well tell the truth