Monday, July 30, 2007

NYC, Welcome to the New Architecture, Same as the Old Architecture

Proposed for Queens above/Bronx blight below (1960s)

Ankara, Turkey

Citadel wall, looking from the west, Ankara

Case Western Reserve FUGLY

The Peter B. Lewis Building for Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management.

Chief Justice John Roberts is Injured

From Kos

I hope he's OK too, but .. Recommended by:
BenGoshi, Predator Saint, Geekesque, Flywheel
.. I cannot help thinking of all the injury and death he will cause
by whittling away at abortion rights
. I think he's probably an
honorable man, with skill and integrity, but his misguided values and basic
beliefs will cause a lot of suffering that he will never see and probably never
think about.
Nab on Mon Jul
30, 2007 at 12:29:08 PM PDT

(emp. mine)

Death? Roberts is causing? Oh, that's right, a "fetus" isn't a baby. A baby has no heartbeat nor does an unborn child feel pain.

Nab must be referring to the injury and death of the women that have their babies put to death.

I personally don't hope he's ok
Recommended by:
want new Supreme Court justices instead of Roberts, Alito & Scalia (Thomas
can stay as the one actual consistent conservative) and I will take them any way
I can get them. granted, I'm assuming that none of Bush's nominees would
be able to get through, and that we'd have 8 justices until a centrist Dem
justice could get confirmed after the election. If it makes anyone feel
better, I'm not rooting for death, simply incapacitation to the point that they
must resign their posts. It's not my fault those are the only two ways for
justices to leave (other than resignation, which will never
Currently undecided between Edwards, Obama & Richardson
DoGooderLawyer on Mon Jul
30, 2007 at 12:53:03 PM PDT
He must be a Do Gooder Lawyer. He sounds like one.

From the DU

kaygore (1000+ posts)
Jul-30-07 04:05 PMResponse to

20. Better prayer.
Dear God,Please release Satan's hand-maiden, John Roberts, from his worldly cares and allow him to join once again with the Prince of Darkness in the lowest reaches of Hell.We pray this in the name of your son, our lord, Jesus.Amen.

NoodleyAppendage (1000+ posts)
Jul-30-07 03:59 PMResponse to

14. See. That's what happens when you attempt to goose step down the stairs.
Neocon, pro-fascist horseplay is inherently dangerous.J

My God, what hateful losers.

UPDATE: From libhomo
Everybody knows that fetuses are not babies. There is no such thing as "an unborn child."You undermine your credibility with your factual errors.libhomo Homepage 07.30.07 - 10:35 pm

I undermine my credibility? This self described epitome of evil to the religious right states that unborn babies, ie fetuses, are not babies. The lack of logic astounds me. How can a newborn be considered a baby if it cannot survive by itself? Oh, but everybody knows that. Right? How sad. How narcissistic.

Big Government, Samuelson and the 75% Solution

When Silence Isn't Golden

Aug. 6, 2007 issue - If you haven't noticed, the major presidential
candidates—Republican and Democratic—are dodging one of the thorniest problems they'd face if elected: the huge budget costs of aging baby boomers.


By 2030, their share could hit 75 percent of the present budget,
projects the Congressional Budget Office. The result: a political


As an antidote to this timidity, I propose that some public-spirited
sugar daddy (the MacArthur Foundation? Warren Buffett?) sponsor a short book. A
possible title: "Facing Up to an Aging America." Six leading think tanks would
be invited to participate: three liberal—the Brookings Institution, the Center
on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Urban Institute—and three
conservative—the American Enterprise Institute, the Cato Institute and the
Heritage Foundation.


This approach would force think tanks to compete.

Samuelson must have gotten lost or was looking elsewhere when he stumbled on the truth.


If the government would allow citizens, taxpayers and business' to compete in a free market without too much taxation, too much regulations and a federal government that has over-reached in every aspect of business and life then we will have all the tools necessary to survive.

Defend us, secure our borders, deliver the mail and follow the Constitution. Oh, and get the hell out of our way. You're too big, too fat and too stupid to keep up with us.

For anyone to believe that the government can support, through handouts, so many people, to the tune of 75% of our nation's budget, shows these people are too ignorant to pontificate.