Sunday, April 29, 2012

Obama Loses Racist Youth Black & Old White Male Vote

As a commenter pointed out, Romney has already lost the youth vote because of his vanilliness. Oh, and the fact that he is old. This commenter, a paragon of political knowledge and agility, is at best a progressive who lives off the taxpayer and obviously is also the paragon of over the hill metro sexuality.

If Romney is in trouble with youth then Obama is not only in trouble with youth, but also black youth and liberal older Democrats who tend to say stupid things when ever they open their mouth, but I repeat myself. Their votes are gone!

Oh, and the young military vote. Gone!

Oh my, Obama, according to this genius is losing votes left and right and has even lost the old, thus stupid and a waste, vote.  Gone again!

To paraphrase my commenter, "forget the vote Obama... you have no chance." Of course, a statement such as this is naive and stupid, especially at this point in the election cycle, but didn't I tell you that he is a paragon of political knowledge and agility? Plus I think my commenter is a racist on multiple levels. Of course that means he a progressive at best.