Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Declassified Docs Show Kent State Protesters Planned To Incite Violence Through Sniper and Fire

New light shed on Kent State killings
Shots fired at Guard, declassified files indicate
Previously undisclosed FBI documents suggest that the Kent State antiwar protests were more meticulously planned than originally thought and that one or more gunshots may have been fired at embattled Ohio National Guardsmen before their killings of four students and woundings of at least nine others on that searing day in May 1970.

I clearly remember talk of a sniper firing on the Guardsmen in 1970. I also clearly remember the attitude of some of the protesters, especially the leaders, who clearly thought rioting, violence and destruction would change the world into what they wanted. Most other s thought the protests to be a lark. They were ignorant then and ignorant now.

Wake Up, Become A Jihadist, Bomb Times Square.

The left is so disappointed that the Times Square loser bomber wasn't a blue haired old white lady on a Tea Party Jihad.

Recap of what we've been told:

Faisal Shahzad is a Pakistani-American
He is a naturalized American citizen
He had one of his properties in foreclosure
He used a disposable cell phone
He scanned Craigslist for a vehicle
He bought the SUV with cash
He packed the SUV with explosives
He drove it to Times Square
He left it running in a no parking zone
He walked away
He was arrested on an airplane about to take off

Okay, what else?

He had just been in Pakistan for 5 months
He appears to have no job
He appears to have no money
He's supporting his family
He's paying for trans continental flights
He's bought a SUV
He bought explosives and excelerants
He had bomb making knowledge

Okay, what more?

He used the wrong material in his bomb so it didn't explode
He left a running vehicle running in a no parking zone
Times Square is heavily guarded
It was a street vendor alerted authorities
He attended terror camps in Pakistan
He was not on the Terror Watch List
Pakistan was (too) quick to make arrests
He supposedly is a lone bomber

What all this tells us:

That his bomb didn't explode was a mistake
That it was a street vendor that started the investigation
That our security forces appears to been completely in the dark
That he is not a lone bomber
That he is a Muslim
He is either a sleeper or newly made Jihadi
He was assisted in his effort

One more thing:

He is not the only one.