Friday, July 13, 2007

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It's So Friday Not Architecture

Diane Arbus

John Edwards Takes Campaign Fundraising Hit?

Spain seizes ship in treasure row

Spain says to Edward's poor half of his campaign for America, Arrgh, Matey, I gotchur booty right here.

The rich half of his campaign had no comment.

FUGLY or Architectural Heresy

The first time I went to the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan I was really excited. I had heard all about it, seen photographs and was totally stoked to see it.

Ugh. The exterior did not live up to its hype, but the exhibition space inside was so wrong from every aspect.

The building stole from the art and it gave back nothing to art. The light, the wall shapes and the floor in the main entrance building could destroy Mona Lisa's smile.

The Guggenheim is unique, but the art and building are like a couple that love each other so intensely, but are not a match. They eventually only find each other's fault.

The Dean of the Art Department where I attended college became a good friend of mine. When I first gave this explanation to him he cried "Heresy" and if he reads this now he will shake his head and whisper "heresy" twice, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Radical Islam in Ohio

Quick round up.

CAIR Helps OH Muslims Obtain Driver Photos with Hijab

Columbus' Hometown Jihad

Not In Our Name, Gov. Strickland

The curious links of a CAIR doctor who doesn't support terror

ISNA’s Jihad Summer Camp

Hometown Jihad

Hometown Jihad: The HAMAS Connection

Mugger Murtha and the Marines

Don't know about you, but I've started calling and writing and I am leading with that Voin of a Vich Senator of mine.

Marine's Parents Want Murtha Censured for Haditha Remarks

Sharratt said that he, his wife Theresa and other supporters of their
22-year-old son were planning to visit Martha's office, and "we're going to ask
for more than an apology."

"We need this man censured by our Congress," he said, because "he
denied my son -- and the other Marines involved -- their constitutional rights
to a fair trial and a presumption of innocence."

"This is what we've been fighting for in Iraq," Sharratt added. "This
is what we've been fighting for -- what soldiers and Marines have been dying for
-- for the past 200 years."

Our troops are facing an enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan that doesn't have the guts to face them in battle except when cornered. It appears the troops are facing the same tactics in Congress.

Republican Gang of Four - Wanting to Lose in Iraq

Key vote on the Iraq war keeps House GOP united
July 13, 2007
House Republican leaders largely kept their party together on the issue of
Iraq last night, with only four members breaking with their party to support a
withdrawal of troops by April.

Reps. Jo Ann Emerson (R-Mo.) and John Duncan, Jr. (R-Tenn.) were the
only new defectors though Duncan voted against the 2002 war authorization
measure. The other two GOP members to vote with Democrats were Reps. Walter Jones (N.C.) and Wayne Gilchrest (Md.), who have consistently broken with their party on Iraq this year.

I went to college with Jo Ann and I do not understand this vote from her. Duncan, huh? Jones left the building long ago and Gilchrist is definitely a lights are on, but nobody is home type of guy.

Boehner is doing great, but just in case he needs it I am sending a pig-sticker. Just in case.

Just one stick. That'll wake you up in the morning.

Ohio Shouldn't CAIR

CAIR Helps OH Muslims Obtain Driver Photos with Hijab

CINCINNATI-July 12, 2007 - The Cincinnati office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Ohio chapter (CAIR-Ohio) announced today that two Muslim women in that city were able to have driver's license photographs retaken with their Islamic headscarves, or hijab, after initially being asked to remove the scarves.

Might be time for retinal scan IDs. That's not in the Koran is it? Don't ask CAIR, they'll find that indeed the Koran does forbid it, but I don't really care what they say. Toss'em.

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