Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pep Rally, NBA Draft, Campaign Stop Or Revival?

Arizona saw a strange combination of hooting students, political figures, grieving friends and love ones and hanger ons that felt the need to just be there, ones wanting to share a momentary spotlight and some little gravitas from speakers that addressed agendas of their own.

The main speaker, President Barack Obama, spoke to a legacy of this tragedy in which he sees himself as the main character of adoration.

It was shameless.

This is the opening event of the 2012 election.

I think it was odd in an odd sort of way.

More importantly, it is good to hear that those that survived the attack by a madman are improving.

I still don't know if this was a pep rally, a NBA draft announcement, campaign stop or a revival.

It was odd at best.

American Discrimination Leaves Aliens In Limbo

Americans. How did we get so many in our country. It's nice that we have a university chancellor, from Berkeley no less, to set us straight.

Cal's Robert Birgeneau talks about Tucson shooting

In a campus-wide e-mail message, Birgeneau said: "It is not a coincidence that this calamity has occurred in a state which has legislated discrimination against undocumented persons."

He added that "this same mean-spirited xenophobia played a major role in the defeat of the Dream Act by our legislators in Washington, leaving many exceptionally talented and deserving young people, including our undocumented students, painfully in limbo."

There should be no limbo. If they are undocumented, ie illegal, their cases should move forward expeditiously with the help of Berkeley's chancellor and his nifty staff. Then deport them.

I hope this gentle person from Berkeley knows that I am not being hateful. Nor am I mimicking his peers who use hateful and violent language against those who disagree with them.

I am sure that he has rules at his establishment. I am sure he knows that the United States of America has rules. In fact he may have heard them called laws.

If he wants to encourage and reward people who knowingly break the law and he assists them he might also want to be aware that aiding and abetting a criminal in an act of crime is a crime in and of itself.

If he is not aware of this then he is stupid which makes him wholly qualified to be the Chancellor of Berkeley. But that doesn't mean anyone cares a whit what he thinks or says. And that's not discrimination, it's an observation.

TV Networks Double Down On Stuck On Stupid & Blood Libel

ABCNEWS: She 'once again has found a way to become part of the story'...

CBSNEWS: 'Plays the victim card'...

NBCNEWS: 'Ignorant' for using 'blood libel' term...
After they made her part of the story blaming her for the plight of the victim(s) they attack her as being ignorant. Their ignorance of themselves, ethics and the use of a phrase such as blood libel is appalling.