Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I hate it when children bicker and get in trouble

but I'm loving this

Child 1

Child 2

Child 3

Child 4

Child 5

When families can't control themselves at a party, how can they do so at work?

Murtha, et al to Bush - SURRENDER!

The Murtha of all battles

In short, Nancy wants her own Bagdad Bob or, in this case, her own Georgetown Jack.

With his military genius and political acumen, Jack has promised the 2008 vote from the Okinawa Prefecture.

He's a real murtha. That's for sure.


Ohio State will beat that team from up north.

34 - 21

Oh, you Chuckster

New King of Washington Promises Moderate Court; Rove-like, Plans
Permanent Democratic Majority; More N.Y. Homeland Money, Iraqi

More than the inability to influence Iraq policy or the President’s tax cuts, Chuck Schumer says that the single greatest failure of the Democrats as an opposition party was allowing Samuel Alito to join the Supreme Court.

“Judges are the most important,” said Mr. Schumer, who orchestrated the implausible Democratic takeover of the Senate last week. “One more justice would have made it a 5-4 conservative, hard-right majority for a long time. That won’t happen.”

From now on, all the President’s judicial appointments will need to meet the requirements of Mr. Schumer, the Park Slope power broker who has happily accepted the mantle of chief architect for the Democrats’ effort to build a majority for the 2008 elections and beyond.

Chucky must've borrowed Barbara's boxers and Pelosi's balls, but then he went on to gloat, brag and get back to his real politics.

For one thing, Mr. Schumer said, New York will soon be “disproportionately”
enjoying the spoils of last week’s victory.

He said that the formula for determining which areas receive homeland-security funding will be changed to benefit places of high risk, like New York, and that more money will be sent to the city for health care and education, including the “No Child Left Behind Act” and special-education programs. He predicted increased federal
funding for a proposed tunnel between New York and New Jersey and the Second
Avenue subway line, and said that his own bill making college tuitions
tax-deductible—which the Republicans refused to renew in May—would be passed in the “first month or two” of the next session.

Schmer did not discuss other added benefits, such as "anti-aging" assistance to the ever growing number of illegal alien dead voters that voted Democrat in disproportionate numbers.

But refusing to not play the idiot, Schumer returned to the subject of international strategy and diplomacy.

Now, Mr. Schumer said, he hopes that a controversial plan strongly advocated by
Senator Joe Biden of Delaware—which essentially calls for the dissolution of
Iraq into three autonomous ethnic enclaves (and which Mr. Schumer quietly
supported last year)—will emerge as a concrete Democratic alternative to current
administration policy.

“It may actually move into play,” said Mr. Schumer. “I’ve always believed that the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds hate each other more than they will ever love any central

Outside of Iraq, Mr. Schumer echoed his colleagues’ calls for more multilateralism and said the climate of greater comity would help in North Korea—“We are totally dependent on the Chinese,” he said—and in the Middle East.

“I really dislike the Syrians,” Mr. Schumer said. “That’s the problem here. But it probably ends up being better to talk to them than not.”

Mr. Schumer wanted to make clear that these will not be mere suggestions to be considered or discarded by the White House as the administration sees fit.

Stealing Biden's political jokes? His version of comity with Syria? His laser-like reality on a solution for his equal Kim Jong-il?

What a Chuckster. Ha ha.

OJ to brief Democrats on "Cut and Run" tactics

In a Congressional hearing on "Not that we are, but if we were going to cut and run" Democrats brought in experts from different expertise to advise them. When asked about our troops in the field fighting,

"I don't think any two people could be murdered without everybody being covered
in blood," Simpson responds.

Simpson later said that this scenario was a "what if" and that there was a Democrat's non-involvement with taking our troops out of Iraq. Clarifying his earlier point, Simpson said that since Levin, Schummer, Pelosi, Reaid and Murtha were non-involved, they could justifiably state they were not covered with blood, adding that they would all join him in looking for the real killers.

Then - "Gen. John Abizaid is a straight talker"

Now - "Gen. John Abizaid is a moron"

The top U.S. commander in the Middle East warned Congress Wednesday against
setting a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, saying it would
impede commanders in managing U.S. and Iraqi forces.

The assertion by Gen. John Abizaid seemed to put him at odds with some
Democrats pressing the Bush administration to begin pulling out of Iraq.

Carl "screw'em" Levin was quoted as saying, "I can't heeaar you." as he huddled with John French Kerry.

Cut and Run begun

Or, screw them that you brung to the dance

"We cannot save the Iraqis from themselves. The only way for Iraqi leaders to
squarely face that reality is for President Bush to tell them that the United States will begin a phased redeployment of our forces within four to six months," Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said at the outset of a hearing featuring the top U.S. commander in the Middle East.

Republicans and the United States of America:

Topple two terrorist governments
Free tens of millions of people
Promise to stand by them as first a protector and then as a friend in freedom

Democrats and Liberals:


France and other pansies:

"Wet my pants now, oui?" as Democrats, Liberals and Muslims tear France and Europe apart

Levin and Pelosi:

"We're off to K Street."

Thanks a lot Lott

Trent Lott is a supreme vote counter, a tremendous persuader, a truly nice guy, and, of course, has incredible hair. But.

Trent Lott sends the wrong message being elected to this post. No change.

I feel the same about the House except for John Boehner. He was new to the post prior to the election and did a tremendous job in the short time he had in position.

Yes, John Boehner is a supreme vote counter, a tremendous persuader, a truly nice guy, and, of course has incredible hair. But. He is still the voice of change in Congress that he was when first elected. Now he knows the routes through the mine fields called Congress. In short, he can stymie the Drunken Liberals Democrat roll backs, increases and cut and run strategies, hold the Conservative Republican line and do it without a hair out of place.

Boehner is more. Lott is less.