Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unwelcomed In The Heartland, Liberals Head For Washington

This is what the media campaigned for and what disgruntled stay-at-home republican voters, guilty voters and voters that wanted "change" wanted. Thanks people, you're killing us.

Liberal groups feel welcome again in Washington
For years, progressive groups and their causes have been in the political wilderness. Now, with Barack Obama preparing to take the White House and Democrats tightening their hold on Congress, the party's liberal constituencies can see their way to a promised land.

Their vision includes federal laws banning job discrimination against gays; expanded hate-crime laws; public land protections from logging and oil drilling; and easier union organizing of workers.

Promised land? Vision? Loaded words for a loaded article, but let's go with what they have served up.

"federal laws banning job discrimination against gays" - we'll have to hire who the government wants us to, not who we want to, but then government is so much smarter than us. Right?

"public land protections from logging and oil drilling" - a multi-goodness path that will kill the coal, oil, auto and logging industries while enriching "green" industries who support a liberal/progressive view of America. A win-win for those attempting to put a lock on power and those wanting to get wealthy from those in power. A lose-lose for America.

"easier union organizing of workers" - pure payola for the goon stepping union bosses which will take away privacy and the ability to resist unionism. It will kill off the industries that unions haven't already destroyed.

The upside for liberal/progressives is that the government will have to take more control of industry, business and our personal lives as these few "change" items start crippling our economy more than they have already, but isn't that what they planned?

Isn't that what America voted for?