Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey, Prez Obama, You're Right About Hope And Change

In Sweden. Didn't you say something about us being like Sweden? Or was that Spain? Uganda? China? Detroit?

Sweden Lifts New Nuclear Reactor Ban

Bummer that Spain did admit their "green economy" was a hoax and that was after we had paid them huge amounts of money to go green. Maybe you can jump the gun and say that Sweden is a hoax. It doesn't exist, has no nuclear power and thus is not really part of the discussion. Get Rahmbo and Prof Ax on it, but clear it with Mother Pelosi first.

SHOCK: Petty Dem Politicos Blame Bush For Gulf Spill

To hear Madam Pelosi and crew, it was those horrid Republicans that pushed oil companies far out into the Gulf to drill. Those capitalist running dog pigs wanted Big Oil to have to expend huge amounts of capital instead of letting them drill on land at less expense and less danger of problems.

Now Demos don't want the Repubs to see what they've wrought when actually they really really want them to see. See?

Oil spill visits get partisan

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) wanted to fly 10 lawmakers down to the Gulf of Mexico to see the damage caused by BP’s gigantic oil spill first hand.

House Democrats said no.

.. but,

“Every Member should see the result of eight years of failed Bush-Cheney energy policies that have done nothing to secure our energy future,” said Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill.

This is getting really tiresome. It is what you'd expect when you have such people as Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, et al in charge who then hire little toadies like Drew Hammill. When childish know-it-alls are in charge you have to expect childish behavior Maybe we should have hall monitors in Congress. It's a good idea until you ask which responsible person they would be sent to for reprimand and punishment. Obama? Yeah, him and Rahm Emanuel.

Government Health Care Can Kill You

VA hospital may have infected 1,800 veterans with HIV

War & Restrepo

A book and a film.

I got this information from Blackfive and I strongly suggest you go and read what Blackfive writes. Few times do I look forward to current books written about the military and even fewer times do I look forward to current films about the military because they are many things, but not really about the military and what soldiers really stand for. Both the book War and the film Restrepo are ones that I will search out.

I am leaving in a minute to first find the book.

Pete Stark: Arrogant Or Incompetent?

Both. His constituents get what they vote. They remind me of the fool in our town who would get drunk and loudly exclaim, "Stop hitting me so hardly."

I think he actually believes himself a sarcastic wit. He's an old fool.