Saturday, November 07, 2009

How Will Zack Space Vote?

It's a Saturday, so Congress must be hard at work, right? The leadership and the administration worked all night to get votes for today's scheduled vote on health care "reform."

What will Zachary T. Space do? He's got himself in a bad way and everyone is mad at him. Nobody to play with and everyone telling him what to do has Zachary all upset.

Will Zack succumb to the sweet whispering lies of Mother Pelosi, the threats to break his arm from Rahm Emanuel or will he show courage and vote as his constituents want him to. Depends who can hurt him more or reward him more.

We do know that Zack voted for a Democrat health care "reform" bill in committee.

We also have reports that Zack got a tad testy, even rude, with some constituents last week when they visited his office to state their opposition to the Democrat plan. Hey, at least he finally stopped hiding from his voters and met with a few of them. Maybe he couldn't schedule another $1,000 a plate luncheon fundraiser, in Cleveland, with Jabberin' Joe Biden.

What Will Little Zack Do?

Will Mommy Pelosi's sweet whispers, Rahm's punishment or the will of the people win out?

Only little Zack knows, er, well maybe. He might be still "getting there."

Poor Zach.