Saturday, April 09, 2011

Obama, After Taking Credit For The Republican Budget, Shows What He Thinks Of Boehner

Yeah, yeah, Reid tries to spin Boehner's victory as his (I love it when liberals whine) and Obama goes to the Lincoln Memorial to talk trash about congress working with him for America and saying the cuts, which he did his "Nope Zero" compromise, were all about him.

What were Obama's real thoughts?

There has been a sea change in Washington, DC and Boehner made it through the shoals to keep that sea change going in the right direction.

Bam Bam is not happy that weakened Reid and Pelosi are no longer able to carry his water. He should be because he is unable to do so. He is that weak.

More cuts coming.

An Architectural Crime Against Nature

"Bunker" cottage in the woods. An award winner.

All that's missing are the blast doors.
Another award winner from the 1940s.