Friday, November 09, 2007

The Art Of The Lie III

Weaponry, blood and the American flag are favorite targets of both domestic and foreign anti-American propagandists. Attacking our form of government and economics while giving no alternative is standard. If they showed their alternative they'd be voted out of existence. Voters in America vote their pleasure as well as their displeasure, but they don't vote stupid.

The Art of THE lie is an art that is built on dishonesty, but many of the largest movements (think Mao or any communist movement) in our world's history were built on dishonesty and outright lies such as these two examples.

Weekend Wackjob

This fine fellow was at a "peace" rally and was obviously wishing the men, women and children of Israel well.
I'm sure he considers President Bush bloodthirsty for freeing the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and allying with Israel.
Helping people survive and be free is so passé.

Sure I Believe You

News of interest from Drudge

Los Angeles Police Plan to Map Muslims..., Anger... Don't like it? Clean up your own damned house then. It ain't our people who are cowardly murderers of innocent people and acting like crazies from Hell.

Hollywood is casualty of war as movie-goers shun Iraq films... Gee, I guess Vietnam II isn't working out.

Blowing Marijuana smoke into face leads to murder... hit six or seven times with yoga stick Yoga, not Yoda, will kill ya.

Waitress Stands by Claim: 'Why would I lie about not getting a tip?' Hillary, you're a cheapskate. Don't be a lying cheapskate.

ROVE: PELOSI'S HOUSE IN A MESS... My Mama always said, "If they can't even clean..."

Bill: Hillary will win White House by 'a pretty good margin'... Yeah, I play the lottery every week also and I lose every week as well.

Witness: OJ may not have been aware of guns in robbery... Yeah, what's her name may not have been aware of the knife either. At first.

Senators Gloat of Pork Spending... Oink, Oink!

Big Stink At Denison University Ain't Smelling Right

You read and you decide. Something doesn't seem right to me.

This is a timeline of the "hate crimes" and protests, rally and an all-campus forum at Denison University in Ohio.

Prior to Oct 31 - There was a noose drawn on a Halloween poster advertising a concert on campus.

Wed Oct 31 - Students spontaneously "point to the noose as a common symbol of lynchings of blacks in American history".

Wed Oct 31 - Concert cancelled, discussion forum planned for Nov 2.

Fri Nov 2 - Denison's university president announces to the media that another forum will be held Nov 7.

Mon Nov 5 - Graffiti pertaining to the movie V as well as a message to "Remember...Nov 5" has been spray painted around campus.

Wed Nov 7 - Laforce Baker, who is black, wakes to find a flier that had been put under his door with a swastika and the message “Stop Causing Trouble” on it. He reports it to the police, but decides not to tell anybody else because he wants the forum that the university president announced to the media to stay focused on race and transgender issues.

Wed Nov 7 - 2,000 students, staff and faculty (student enrollment at Denison is about 2,000) have an all-campus forum and discussion "over intolerance issues, including those against gays and lesbians" for 2 hours starting at 11:30 AM, but continued until after 8:00 PM to allow all those that wished to speak to do so. The forum was held in the university field house with tables set up for group discussions, recording devices to capture student thoughts and ideas and a sound system.

Denison students talk tolerance

University President Dale Knobel said the campus has had a history of

Addressing the assembly, Knobel said the acts of intolerance have built
up throughout time to the point some minorities wonder whether they belong at
Denison. He said for too long students who haven't participated in such acts
have stood by silently. By their failure to stand up against the perpetrators,
they are complicit in the acts, he said.

A statement written by 10 faculty members that was disseminated at the assembly condemned acts of intimidation and discrimination and said it is the responsibility of not just the victims, but everyone, to remedy the problem.

Thu Nov 8 - As students and faculty hear of the flier, swastika and threat put under Laforce Baker's dorm room door 200 students gather on Denison's campus for a rally to protest racism, sexism, intolerance and fear of violence. Some teachers cancel classes.

Emotions fierce at Denison protest (7:00 p.m. update)

Nearly 200 Denison University students rallied on campus Thursday in
protest over news that a flier bearing a swastika had been placed under the door
of a black student Wednesday morning.

Students — some in tears, many angry and others admitting they’re
afraid — took turns with a microphone starting about noon to express their
outrage about the latest development in a two-week odyssey over racism and
intolerance on campus.

“What can you do but protest at a time like this,” Knobel said. “I
stand in solidarity with you, and I’m grateful so many of you have turned out

The seemingly concerted effort didn't stop there. Go read the comments in the news article and it becomes very clear that plants are contributing comments as well as faculty and staff.

Something just ain't right here in River City, my friends.
UPDATE: I have received info from DU students that say they don't believe any of it and felt forced to participate in the all-campus forum which they said was a joke.