Monday, December 06, 2010

Voinovich Proves His Career Is A Lie & Sides With Obama To Raise Taxes

What will Crying George Voinovich's legacy? A back-stabbing traitor might sum it up.

Retiring Sen. George Voinovich to oppose any extension of Bush-era tax cuts

Voinovich has bucked his party on the tax-cut issue before. He was the only Republican senator to oppose the cuts when they were first proposed in 2000. Three years later, he joined with Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) in opposing President George W. Bush's proposed $700-billion tax-cut package, eventually succeeding in bringing the price tag down to $350 billion.

Voinovich went on to say that he is doing so because there is no linkage to tax reform. His idea of tax reform would make Milton Friedman cry. We should tell Voinovich that if he wants linkage maybe he should scream from the Capitol Dome that there has to be similar cuts in spending to pay for letting tax payers keep more of their money.

Nah, we don't want to make him cry again.

Apropos: Geithner As Rube Goldberg

Brand new high tech $100 US bills. They are useless because of the over complex production process which results in flaws, ie, the process renders the result useless. To complete the fun these new worthless bills are the first to have Geithner's signature on them.

The Fed Has a $110 Billion Problem with New Benjamins

The redesigned bills are the first $100 bills to feature Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s signature. But to stave off a cash crunch as existing $100 bills deteriorate and can’t be replaced, the Federal Reserve has ordered renewed production of the current-design $100 bills, which feature Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's signature and do not have the new security features.
Rube Goldberg is somewhere smiling. An actual printer and founding father of our nation, Benjamin Franklin, is not.