Friday, November 28, 2008

Smoke, Perfume, Plain Stink, Garlic? I'll Sue!

The nanny state just keeps getting fatter and is able to squash everything in its path in its effort to save us from ourselves. So, if your offended or just don't like something or someone or if you're simply a litigious little you-know-what, just sue. Some court will be happy to hear your case and help you destroy more rights that we citizens presently have.

Smokers are now persona non grata every where outside their homes and will be illegal inside their homes soon if the do-gooders and government have their way.

Now, perfume wearers better beware.

Judge says perfume lawsuit can proceed
A Detroit city planner says co-worker's scent interferes with job performance, breathing.

Alison Johnson, chairwoman of the Chemical Sensitivity Foundation in Topsham, Maine, said she welcomes Zatkoff's decision to let the lawsuit proceed.

"These perfume sensitivities are very real, and I can't tell you how many lives they are ruining," Johnson said. "Maybe there's beginning to be recognition that these things are serious."

McBride is seeking unspecified damages. Thompson said the major goal of the lawsuit is not monetary damages but "to educate people about the issue and seek voluntary compliance, where possible."

The city is continuing to fight the lawsuit, which could be headed to trial next year.

What will they go after next? Garlic, B.O., onions, and offensive thoughts? Oh, wait. They're already litigating offensive thoughts, but they won't go after our fat and smelly government(s) that illegally interferes in our daily lives.