Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ron Paul's Bogus Straw Poll Win At CPAC

In real life Ron Paul gets maybe 3%. Maybe, but when it comes to straw polls RP wins. Supporters say that their work (swarm) stands and RP should be the nominee. BS.

Ask yourself how many people you know like what Ron Paul stands for. Then ask yourself how many people you know think Ron Paul has a snow ball's chance of winning the presidency. They don't have to be close friends. They can be anyone you've ever met, talked to or seen. There is no credibility.

Then there are Ron Paul dEvolution members. They are abrasive, rude and underhanded and that's the good side. Cheap tricks don't a president make.

CPAC's RP straw poll win isn't just bogus, it is a cheap trick and it makes Ron Paul look like a cheap one trick pony.