Saturday, April 21, 2007

Obama Demeans Seung-Hui Cho, Calls Him Crazy

Obama hears from Aunt who's nephew enlisted within the last year knowing he would probably go to Iraq.

Obama Hears Tearful Plea to End Iraq War

but even though Obama doesn't think terrorists are crazy, he calls Seung-Hui Cho crazy .

"We're still selling handguns to crazy people," Obama said. "We're supposed to
have a system that these people are screened out. What's clear is the background
check system in this case failed entirely."

Personally, I am shocked. SHOCKED that Obama is so insensitive. Throw him out of the Presidential primaries. Immediately. Right now. What an insensitive lout.

Rosalynn Carter is gonna kick his ass, as is proper.

Ending Discrimination

Just take a look, he says, at the words that are still used to describe those with mental illnesses—crazy, psycho, loony, insane. “Demeaning terms are no longer socially acceptable when describing other disabilities. Why are they still applied to those with a mental illness?”

Impeach his candidacy. Obama offended and cannot be defended. If the straight jacket does not fit, you must acquit.

We, as a nation, need a sensitive man, er, a sensitive person as President. Like Hillary is when she is massaging Bill's head with a lamp or an ashtray.

Electing such an insensitive lout would be, well, loony.

Virginia Tech Massacre - Our Fault

Well, your fault. YOU caused Cho Seung-Hui to have hateful thoughts, a deranged mind and to murder. Me? I was busy doing something else. You bully.

Virginia Tech: Is the Scene of the Crime the Cause of the Crime?
By Mark Ames, AlterNet. Posted April 20, 2007.

Media: Cho Seung-Hui did it because he was crazy and "evil." History:
Schoolyard massacres are rebellions against oppressive and bullying environments
by students who can't take it anymore.

Another rampage massacre, this time the worst ever. Which means another
fake attempt at trying to understand this uniquely American crime -- these
interminable rage killing sprees in our workplaces and our schoolyards.

What makes the Virginia Tech massacre more horrifying isn't just the body count but the reaction of the living: The official fake soul-searching is more idiotic
than ever, revealing, if anything, a culture that is so insanely delusional and
incapable of self-reflection that it almost makes these rampage massacres seem
relatively natural.

The footage from Seung-Hui's "media manifesto" has played on
cable news on an endless loop for days now, and no one has considered the merits
of his grievances -- except to cast them as proof positive that Cho Seung-Hui
was one sick guy.

Of all the idiotic reactions, so far none tops an article posted on, written
an "investigative reporter" with the ill-begotten name of "Bill Dedman."
His investigation allegedly revealed that Cho Seung-Hui, the shooter, displayed
alleged classic warning signs of a rampage shooting. Citing a landmark Secret
Service study of schoolyard rampage massacre, Dedman observed, "In more than
three out of four school shootings, the attacker had made no threat against the
schoolteachers or students. But most attackers engaged in some behavior prior to
the incident that caused others concern or indicated a need for help. The
attackers posed a threat even though they hadn't made a threat."

In other words, if you think someone's weird, but he hasn't threatened anyone, he's a threat.

Read more of this equivocating porn. If you wish.

Everyone is a victim, especially the murderers, rapists and terrorists and YOU are the cause of it all. When you see a self absorbed hatemonger, look carefully and you will see your reflection, but remember, when your killed, it will be your fault.

Remember to say thank you.

The Love of Islam

Just as Hillary sez, it takes a village.

Taleban uses boy to behead 'spy'

The Taleban in Afghanistan have used a boy
of around 12 to behead a man they accused of spying for the US.

I have it on good authority that this group is the same as the Taliban and just as ruthless. Really.

Earnhardt Gets It.

For Earnhardt, negotiation may prove the easiest part

Congratulations, Junior. It's beginning to look like you're going to get
controlling interest in Dale Earnhardt Inc., the race team your late father
founded. You played hardball, and you won. Teresa, your stepmother, really
didn't have much of a choice. You're the whole show. You walk, and she's left
with a once-promising but enigmatic outfit that chronically underperforms.

Of course, you'll never be as smart and efficient nor as subtle as Hillary and Little Jonnie Edwards.

Lucky you.

How Sick is the Left?

Depending on how strong your stomach is, click on the image and go read the article and comments.