Wednesday, December 22, 2010

China Isolates Itself Further As Country Starts Its Fall

China with its economy may implode. The United States with its economy may implode. Our Congress meets this pending disaster with repeal of DADT and more government. China's government meets their disaster by banning English words in publications and more government.

In a world where stupidity has been affordable for years it is only a guess which government is more stupid. China holds our future by holding our debt and we hold their future by buying or not buying their exports. A financial version of MAD.

There would be little difference if we swapped leadership.

Marine Corps Bumper Sticker

"It's God's Job to Forgive Bin Laden -- It's Our Job To Arrange The Meeting"

Obama Signs Do Ask Do Tell And Exhibits Total Disconnect With Reality

"People will look back at this moment and wonder why it was even a controversy in the first place."

Obama to sign DADT repeal before big, emotional crowd

Obama doesn't know why it was controversial? Therein lies a deep disconnect and a problem for us when our leader states such an incredibly naive thought.

Obama signs historic bill ending "don't ask, don't tell"

Liberals and progressives are kicking our butts in this lame duck session not only with legislation by also by royal federal decree and each new blow is designed to deflect public attention from what has been done.

From the federal takeover of the Internet to the destruction of the family farm through "safe food" legislation to outing thousands of gays in the military this administration and their fellow travelers in Congress and the bureaucracy are deconstructing our Republic into their own twisted image.

The Socialist Takeover Of The Internet

We got blindsided by wealthy socialist/marxist groups and the ramifications will shackle us in ways we don't yet understand. We don't understand because we don't think like socialists and can't begin to comprehend their faith in failed systems such as Socialism and Marxism. Nor can we comprehend their fear and hatred of freedom.

The Net Neutrality Coup
The campaign to regulate the Internet was funded by a who's who of left-liberal foundations

Indeed, it is a coup against us and against freedom. We lost.