Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Has The Main Stream Media Spiked Story About A(nother) Left Wing Assassin

Casey Bresik. Hopeful assassin. Increasingly the face of the left. He slit the throat of a college dean thinking it was the governor. He was dressed for the part in dark clothes. The media has hidden this story for months. By omission they are liars. And accomplices.

Wrong. People such as Bresik have always been the true face of leftists. Crazed, not right in the head and angry. The main stream media is threatened by this face. Actually, most threatened is the message, rightfully so, and the main stream media believes it may fail because the average human would be repelled if they thought a Bresik represented that message.

Casey Bresik is a failure because he is nuts, stupid and entirely unable to form a sane thought so he became a leftist.

American Power has a much better post on this and I suggest if you want to better understand this spiking of a story by the main stream media, you read it and follow the links.

A Specific Example Of How Unions & Govt Are Killing The American Dream

I agree with most of this article except where Mr. Augustine calls for more government intervention in education. I read this because a friend wrote to me about how unfair conservatives are to unions and government. I still disagree.

Danger: America Is Losing Its Edge In Innovation

Part of the problem is the lack of priority U.S. parents place on core education. But there are also problems inherent in our public education system. We simply don’t have enough qualified math and science teachers. Many of those teaching math and science have never taken a university-level course in those subjects.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher; in fact, I took early retirement from my job in the aerospace industry to pursue a career in education. But I was deemed unqualified to teach 8th-grade math in any school in my state. Ironically, I was welcomed to the faculty at Princeton University, where the student newspaper ranked my course as one of 10 that every undergraduate should take.

Schools need to be filled with teachers that excel in the knowledge of what they teach, not excel in what teacher's unions feel is necessary to be a good teacher. Some of the most disagreeable teachers that taught classes in which I was a student taught me the most. Many of the most agreeable teachers I had taught me little because they were the student's friend in place of the student's teacher.

Many engineers are entrepreneurs who delight in discovery, invention and profit from those discoveries and inventions. Many cannot afford to be entrepreneurs because of government rules, regulations and laws that do not protect their work and tax it at prohibitive rates.

Unions and government, which are becoming the same thing, are killing our innovation and hard work ethic which are the bedrock of the American dream. The punishment of innovators by government and the mediocrity of unions is a very bad partnership, but who doesn't know that.

MoveOn & Liberal/Progressive Groups Stealing Pepsi Charity Money From Kids With Cancer

Stealing from taxpayers isn't enough it seems, so liberal and union groups are gaming the system using their political operations to win charity donations Pepsi to be used for political purposes.

They are using politics to steal from real charities, like Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation, to fatten their campaign coffers.

Pepsi Refresh Contestant Claims Rules Were Broken

Groups belonging to the Progressive Slate, many of which are skilled at voter registration and community organizing, are collectively working to help each other win the contest. The strategy is proving successful: as of Thursday evening, eight of the top 10 contestants in the $50,000 category were Slate members, and two members were among the top five contestants vying for $250,000.

Many of their Web sites promote liberal agendas, featuring comments from, recommending, and displaying membership lists that include labor unions.

They are led by the Center for Progressive Leadership, a nonprofit group whose eight-member board includes two Democratic members of the House of Representatives; Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a Democrat and the former lieutenant governor of Maryland; Matt Dunn, a Democrat who failed to win the party’s nomination to be governor of Vermont; and Mike Lux, a Democratic political operative who helped found the organization.

It appears Progressives will stoop to any low to get money, even cheat kids with cancer out of their hope to get well.

As Usual, Experts Wrong About Tunisian Revolution And Freedom

Govt Should Not Be In The Drug Business

This is a huge example of what government should not be doing, especially since it was government that created the need they are now attempting to fill.

Federal agency to spearhead new drug-development center

The Obama administration has become so concerned about the slowing pace of new drugs coming out of the pharmaceutical industry that officials have decided to start a billion-dollar government drug development center to help create medicines.

The new effort comes as many large drugmakers, unable to find enough new drugs, are paring back research. Promising discoveries in such illnesses as depression and Parkinson's that once would have led to clinical trials are instead going unexplored because companies have neither the will nor the resources to undertake the effort. Drug companies have typically spent twice as much on marketing as on research, a business model that is increasingly suspect.

The line I highlight in bold is such a false statement that I am appalled it made it into print. Big Pharma doesn't have the "will" to make more money through the development of new drugs? Hah! I thought this was the big complaint about Big Pharma, that they actually wanted to make a profit from their research and development. Lack of "will" is a false flag denoting they don't care which is a lie.

That they don't have the "resources" might be true in the sense that the federal government has crippled them with rules, regulations, taxes and lawsuits. In fact, Big Pharma is not going to produce new drugs with which they can not only not make money, but may get them sued, put in prison and put out of business. Thanks Big Government for what you have done for us by hurting Big Pharma.

Government should not be in competition with the private sector. They do a lousy job, cost jobs and flatten the market for anything new and good.

Ron Paul Fails To Win New Hampshire Straw Poll

The RonPaulian cult rEvolution was unable to upset RomneyCare in the NH straw poll of delegates to the annual meeting of the New Hampshire Republican Party. RomneyCare won over a 3 - 1 advantage as the bi-polar delegates voted in Tea Partier Jack Kimball to head the state committee.

In other NH news, they all decided to recoat the capital dome in sugar free chocolate for the health of the children.

Why Isn't Social Security Money In A Separate Account Of Its Own?

How much money would have been accumulated if politicians hadn't taken our SS payments from us and spent them on projects (pork) they wanted for their reelections?