Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beautiful Stone Carving in Armenia

Stepanavan, Armenia

Our European Allies

With friends like this...

Annihilated the Indians? Well, we still have Ward Churchill.

Wait a minute. These people are lecturing us about slaughter, mass murder and annihilation?

I wonder if that coat is from L.L. Bean. Maybe it will keep him warm in Jihad Stalag #72.

Ron Paul VS Dennis Kucinich

France loves Ron Paul.

The article is actually a waste of time covering a few people in France and other places around the globe with Ron Paul sites (Ron Paul rally in Bavaria), but the comments are where the superstars come out to play.

I love the atention Dr. Paul is getting. I hope he pulls off the stunning upset and gains the GOP nomination. He’s head and shoulders above the rest of them.

Kucinich vs. Paul would restore my faith in the American democracy.
— Posted by Thomas NYC

With that much faith to share why not just have a Paul/Kucinich ticket? I wanna hear the oval office confab about whether the fed has the right to control a Department of Peace, according to the constitution of course.

A healthy thing indeed for the Republicans, and for America, to have two
physicians each with unique potentially very large national constitutencies
which could swing the nomination and the general election challenge the
warmongers running today’s GOP.
— Posted by Mark Klein, M.D.
Healthy for who good doctor? The people of Iraq and Afghanistan? Healthy for the innocent people in the World Trade Center towers? My father was a "warmonger" doctor who healed people every day, believed in freedom worldwide and served in two wars to stop aggression. Crazy, eh?

Thomas, NYC comes back swinging, it seems his faith allows him to judge others harshly,

Kucinich is the best choice for President. Paul is a better choice than the

Anyone is better than the mainstream, war-mongering, business party
elite candidates like Hillary, Giuliani, Romney, Obama, Thompson, etc.

Posted by Thomas NYC

I guess Thomas is not a mainstream faith-based person.

Don from Tucson has no intention of ever voting Republican again. He's pretty safe on that.

I have no intention of ever voting Republican again but have lately
become interested in Dr. Paul and his calls to “freedom”.

It seemed as if a grass-roots frenzy came from his supporters
during the Iowa buy-off, and thus, his 9% showing appeared to undersell his
candidacy and those results have not been sufficiently explained?

Since then, I’ve noticed that Dr. Paul is seldom mentioned in the
mainstream media, not even in passing, which seemed strange at first; but upon
reflection, not unusual given that the mainstream media has long since been
bought and sold. But I’m curious about it.

I watched the candidates speak in Ames and felt the appeals to Patriotism by the “front-runners” were patronizing to the extreme and had a phoniness and apparent appeal to the same Republicans that elected Bush; but I learned a long time ago not to allow on a fascist
“Marine Mentality” to run life.

Since their own Revolution, the French have Championed the
qualities of “Liberty, Equality and fraternity” and probably see, more than any
other country, America’s desperate need for them and this is represented by Dr.

has`America sunk so low that Americans are unable to see the
“truth” of Ron Paul’s philosophy? What is wrong with America? Why is Dr. Paul
not more recognized here???
— Posted by Don Tucson,AZ

Don must share the same faith with Thomas of NYC. Only a true believer could believe the French have personified "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity" since their revolution. Do they serve koolaid at these Churches?


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Billy Idol Happy Holidays?

A silver bell with a rebel yell?

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