Monday, June 04, 2007

Illegal Aliens. Illegal. Alien. Too Complicated For Some Republicans

Remember Jon, if you didn't bring enough weed for the whole class...
Backers of Immigration Bill More Optimistic

Congress's week-long Memorial Day recess was expected to leave the bill in
tatters. But with a week of action set to begin today, the legislation's
champions say they believe that the voices of opposition, especially from
conservatives, represent a small segment of public opinion.
Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), who led negotiations on the bill for his
party, said the flood of angry calls and protests that greeted the deal two
weeks ago has since receded every day.


Over the break, Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) were booed at their state party

When the faithful boo, it is a good sign things are getting better. I mean they could've hissed or something. Yep, booing is definately better.

What part of "illegal alien" do these people not understand? Maybe they're thinking in Spanish. To help clarify how I feel about this bill I will write and call again. In English. I hope they have translators on hand.

I Don't Care For CAIR

This could hamper CAIR's propaganda campaign in the MSM and their employment of useful idiots for nationwide letter writing campaigns to make them appear as cute and cuddly as puppies. CAIR is dirty.
Islamic Groups Named in Hamas Funding Case

Federal prosecutors have named three prominent Islamic organizations in
America as participants in an alleged criminal conspiracy to support a
Palestinian Arab terrorist group,

Prosecutors applied the label of "unindicted co-conspirator" to the
Council on American-Islamic Relations, the
Islamic Society of North America, and the North American Islamic Trust in connection with a trial planned in Texas next month for five officials of a defunct charity, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.

Time to take out the trash.

Bill France Jr

1933 - 2007

His father may have been the architect of NASCAR, but throughout his life, Bill France Jr. proved to be the ultimate general manager.

Rep. William Jefferson, D-La

Louisiana Congressman indicted on corruption charges...

Hey, is the Pope Catholic?


Boehner to call for ethics review of Jefferson

I like John Boehner, but can't he have a litlle heart here? I don't want Republicans to appear heartless after the love and understanding the Democrats displayed for Juris Prudence and Tom Delay. It might make us look bad. Wouldn't it? I mean 90K in the freezer and using the National Guard to drive you through a flooded New Orleans to pick up "papers" isn't really much.

Come on John. Please.

On the other hand, if he's found guilty, we're 2/3s of the way there aren't we? William Jefferson....