Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Stone House

Old Stone House Road in Granite Quarry (formerly Granite Ridge), Rowan Co, NC
This house was built with local stone by Dutch Immigrant Michael Braun in 1766. It is the last remaining colonial structure in Rowan County. This historical site is owned & operated by Rowan Museum, Inc.
It is worth noting that Michael immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania before settling here. At the time this area was considered wilderness but covered in heavy thicket, rather than forests as generally thought. Also, the structure was not typical of the period, but much more grand.

California Separatist Constitutional Convention

California ponders changes in constitution

This story ponders the complexities of the California Constitution and how they hinder raising taxes, funding the state's ever growing list of ridiculous and anti-American laws, regulations and programs. A state Constitutional Convention is proposed to fix the system.

I call BS.

Latino separatists have wanted this for years, but not for state budgets. Those that say that a convention could be very focused and narrow, just dealing with state budget problems, obviously have not read this or this or this or this or this or this or this.

WCVI Co-Sponsors Summit on California Constitutional Convention
Tuesday's Sacramento summit on a possible new state constitutional convention is picking up some interesting support, including the William C. Velasquez Institute, a think tank on Latino affairs."The disastrous state of California's government is of concern to us all," according to a news release from the institute, which is based in Texas and has offices in California and Florida."Latinos will soon be the majority in California, and we have a vested interest in not only government reform, but making sure our community is properly represented during the convention development process.

This has been a goal of La Raza, Aztlan, the Mexica Movement and other radical groups such as MEChA.

La Raza -Chicano Activism in California
The predicted demographic shift from minority to majority status is a triumph for Chicano activism and brings vast new political opportunities for its leadership. But the literal "retaking" of California pales in comparison to its symbolic value - the long-awaited return of those "illegally annexed territories" which the Chicano movement claims were stolen from their indigenous forebears in 1848, by the occupying forces of the United States, after the Treaty of Guadelupe-Hidalgo.

The uniformed "Brown Berets of Aztlan" stood shoulder to shoulder along the walls of the meeting room; Mexican flags were flying and student tee shirts bore the message, "We don't need no stinking green cards." Benicio Silva of UC Berkeley declared that having to show them at the border was a "violation of our human rights" because "Aztlan is ours and the white man is the invader."

"They say we're 'Latinizing' Los Angeles! Don't you love it?" boomed fiery orator Jose Angel Gutierrez, long-time University of Texas faculty member. "We are fighting to build a new Mestizo nation," he shouted, "in this, our historic homeland for for-ty thou-sand years."
At that, the Brown Berets raised their fists in the air and the excited crowd screamed "Chicano Power" and began stomping and clapping with the familiar two-three beat: clap-clap, clap-clap-clap. "We are here again," Gutierrez continued, "we are millions and millions, and the aging white Americans are not making babies, we've got to get ready to govern!"

California is just the start. The Reconquista Movement wants all of the Southwest and as far north as the state of Washington. Their movement is growing and being assisted by many organizations in the US and, it seems, by the government. In doing work throughout the Midwest I saw entire towns of illegal aliens. The surrounding communities state they need the illegal alien's support of the local economies which is what the separatist movement has planned all along.

A Constitutional Convention in California is just their first step.