Sunday, December 26, 2010

NYT Has Finally Jumped The Shark

and not a minute too soon.

NYT MONDAY: Jon Stewart 'modern-day equivalent of Edward R. Murrow'... Developing...

I started to find the NYT and those that needed to hang on its daily word a tad foolish years ago. Actually it was more than years ago. It was back when the earth was still cooling.

What I Got For Christmas

I got few presents because for us it is more about family and the birth of Jesus. What I received is useful, nice and actually what I wanted.

I also got some presents I didn't want, don't need and are as useless as the governance we've been creeping towards since the "I Like Ike" era.

I got reporters that continue to lie about everything under the sun and beyond.

I got Republicans that think Obama will be just fine.

I got a lame duck that should've been put out of its misery before it got lame.

I got clueless Republicans.

I got a refurbished death panel.

I got a lot of things I wish I could return tomorrow.

UPDATE: The comics at the NYT just dropped another present in my lap.