Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Specter Turncoat Gets New Whining Baby Friend In Franken

Al Franken, tax cheat, misogynist and puncher of those who disagree with him appears to be the next senator from Minnesota. This will be the 60th vote in the senate for the Democrats. Snarlen Arlen has stated that his vote can't be counted on by the Democrats, but whose going to believe anything he says. Be proud Minnesota. Be proud.

NYTs Excuses 8 republican Votes For Passage Of Cap & Trade

I have seldom tied one vote to a members tail, but these eight have no excuse. The legislation has no redeeming value for anyone, anywhere in the country, except bureaucrats and federal power grabbers.

Conservative Ire Rains on 8 Republicans Who Voted for House Climate Bill
"I don't think one can minimize why this was a truly hideous vote for those eight folks," a commentator on the conservative blog the "Next Right" wrote. "Here we had a chance to derail the Obama socialism train and restore the Republican party to policy relevance, and these guys bailed out so they could get a nice mention in the NY Times."

But the NYTs has an excuse for all of them.

The eight House Republicans who voted in favor of the bill generally represent the remains of the party's moderate wing and some have to deal with political circumstances that are unique in the GOP caucus.

But there is no excuse. None, nada and zip and if they voted this way to save their political butts, well, then I suggest they all look to Mr. Specter. His old allies look away when walks in and his new allies don't trust him.

Now the Left has eight new patsies and the Republican Party has eight members they can't trust.