Monday, May 02, 2011

Has Been Laden Dead On May Day, A Day That Should Be In Infamy

Communism and terrorism aren't just like each other. They are the same. Both are killers not just of bodies, but of spirits, hopes and dreams. It is fitting that bin laden was killed on May Day.

We know that communism has slaughtered at least 80 - 100 million people, but we'll probably never know the full number, at least as long as boils on the body politic such as China, Cuba and fat man Chavez are still around. They tend to hide their crimes.

At least communists have a day office. Usually a palatial palace to show equality with the working man, but terrorists have an office called cowardice that lurks in back alleys and darkened basements. I've been told that the more children and women around the more likely there are also terrorists nearby because they like to have shields to protect themselves.

May Day was taken over by the communist movement to celebrate their coming to power. They became so arrogant that they didn't really hide the mass murder needed to make all men equal. They saw it as an incentive to join the party. So it is with terrorists. Sharia law, also is molded to inflict terror induced compliance which Islamofascists see as a feature, not a bug in their system.

With bin laden dead the war is not over, but will now kick into another plane of fighting. His supporters will want to show their anger and their anger brings much more frothing of the mouth which always means more murder. They think murder brings a smile to their god who, if he is a god, must be weeping with shame that his followers wantonly murder, rape and destroy in his name.

I say we make May Day a celebration of the defeat of terror and despots the world over. Unfortunately, bin laden's body was thrown in the ocean instead of being placed on a pike at ground zero, but his name is now synonymous with hatred, cowardice and murder. Just like his communist brothers and sisters. Cowards all.

Osama bin laden Dead And Thank God The Little Prick Is At Room Temperature.

I am stunned. The students of the local university, which is known for being liberal, are outside and cheering loudly. They are cheering that bin laden is dead.

There is hope.

They are still cheering. They are yelling. They are happy that the little prick is dead.

Good for them.

Obama Hiding: Osama Dead

Why is Obama not saying a thing about Osama assuming room temperature?