Sunday, January 28, 2007

Iran loves patriots Kerry and Pelosi

From Little Green Footballs

They say that we must have an open debate about Iraq and the Middle East. Thus, all of their statements are just part of the debate.

They are liars.

They know they are liars.

Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer, Murtha, Hagel, et al are, in my opinion, guilty of subverting not just our troops, but our mission in Iraq and the global War on Terror.

This is not "politics as usual" nor is it patriotic. My argument is not political. It is my belief that these people, at the very least, put their own careers ahead of the safety of our country. If they are so stupid that they do not understand what they are doing, then they should be removed from office. That they cherry pick their Iraq "experts" and that they don't even make the effort to speak to a wide range of military leaders serving in Iraq must be planned, thus their statements of wanting an open debate is disingenuous.

The enemy's headlines speaks volumes. The man who would be President and our current Speaker of the House are either ignorant, stupid or treasonous.

Oh, has our media covered this?