Friday, May 09, 2008

Why Are Liberals Helping Terrorists?

I mean beyond the last to die question.

Morning Bell: Why Are Liberals Actively Helping Terrorists?


A Parody Of Truth Starring The IVAW & The Congressional Progressive Caucus

The proverbial two wrongs don't make a right comes to mind here. Here in Ohio we have the distinct pleasure of having at least three members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
What would a nut caucus be worth if it didn't have Dennis Kuchinich? Well, it wouldn't be a real caucus without tin-foil man. Then there is Stephanie Tubbs-Jones who married an axe murderer. Aw, sweet Marcy, she's just Kapturvating when she calls our founding fathers terrorists.

I love the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It is more entertaining that SNL at its worst.

Now the Iraq Veterans Against the War are taking their case to Congress the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). This should be a show. A show of losers testifying before losers in a show of solidarity to lose the War On Terror. Of course, the CPC isn't a real committee. This is Conyers' fake hearing Part Deux only more so in a theatrical sense of the absurd.

To assist the CPC and the IVAW and the pursuit of justice, a petition has been started to help get to the truth behind accusations of American atrocities in Iraq:

* Make request of the Iraq Veterans Against the War that member(s) of the Caucus be provided video of the entire Winter Soldier Investigation “testimony” proceedings and be provided access to all those who testified,

*That the Caucus require any testimony given by IVAW be presented in the following format:
D: Date(s) - When did the incident occur?
U: Unit(s) - What military units were involved?
P: Personnel - What are the names of the participants and witnesses?
E: Event(s) - What exactly happened exactly where?
S: Signature(s) - Was this reported at the time or later and were reports, affidavits or depositions signed, or will they now be signed?

* That in the event that staff determines that there has been testimony given that touches on areas where, in the words of Senator Warner, the members of the SASC “have a responsibility to establish where in the military chain of command rests the ‘accountability,’ depending of course, on the accuracy of the facts…”, the Caucus forward the information to the House Armed Services Committee (HASC),

* That the Caucus request and all documents and records, signed statements and recordings, audio, video or digital, that bear on the claims made and being investigated,

* That the Caucus demand that those making such claims or professing publicly to verify those claims be requested or subpoened to appear before the HASC under oath, to answer questions.

You can sign the petition HERE.

Peter Kurgman, PhD X 3 - Caricature Of?

Someone has done a masterful job of creating the ultimate professor of love who hates all that do not share his love which is why he loves his PhD candidate, Kathy.

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