Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heartless Conservative To Have Heart Surgery

Got my date today. October 4th.

The docs believe it will be a valve repair after much testing. If it is a replacement I was offered an organic valve or a mechanical valve. When I asked for their recommendation and they gave me the options I was intriqued to learn that they use pig valves when going the organic route. The organic pig valve doesn't last nearly as long as a mechanical valve.

If I have to go replacement I may go with the pig valve just to piss off the Islamofascists. Well, that and the fact I love ham. Smithfield. Beaten biscuits. Homemade mustard. A dash of horseradish. A sip of bourbon. Trust me.

I just want the little guy to feel at home. PETA notwithstanding.

Islamofascists In America

Muslim Brotherhood's papers detail plan to seize U.S.

Counterterrorism officials say that regardless of what anyone thinks of
the Holy Land documents, the threat from radicals outside and inside the U.S. is
real. A common belief among law enforcement and government officials is that
after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and post-9/11, radicals have
retreated underground.

"People who harbor the secret desire for the U.S. to become more
Islamic are not going to announce themselves in the current climate," said Jeff
Breinholt, a 17-year Justice Department official who until June was deputy chief
of the national Counterterrorism Section, where he oversaw the nationwide
terrorist financing program.

"However, they may be willing to violate laws they view as unfair,
which is what I think occurred in the Holy Land Foundation case."

The article does give opposing views as it should. I, though, am inclined to not fully believe what they say, especially people such as Mahdi Bray who speaks out of both sides of his mouth daily. He was a highlighted speaker at the ANSWER anti-American rally held last Saturday in Washington DC, but is quoted in the below article giving some of his background:
In his book, American Jihad, Emerson noted that Bray had organised a rally
outside the White House in 2000 where the crowd chanted in Arabic, “Khaybar,
Khaybar, Oh Jews, the Army of Muhammad is coming to get you.” [In the Koran,
Mohammed conquered the Jewish settlement of Khaybar and slaughtered all its male inhabitants.] The crowd burned an Israeli flag as they marched from the White House to the State Department and openly distributed literature calling for the death of all Jews.

Go read the rest and see if you are as chilled as I am.

Hillary Care

As they say, 2.0, but Hillary says that she has learned through listening over the ensuing years since the 1.0 debacle. Me, I just don't care what she proposes.

She says, 2.0 is all about choices for people wishing to improve their health care. Question: If this works for health care why are Hillary and her "friends" in the Democratic Party so adamant about never discussing buffet style options for social security except to shriek that Republicans hate the elderly?

UPDATE: Right Wing Champ is also writing about this.