Thursday, October 26, 2006

My next question concerns taxes and the economy

I believe tax cuts are working to grow
the economy. When we allow the
entrepreneurial spirit to thrive, freed
of government shackles, tax revenues
increase and the nation prospers.
But Congress must get control of
spending. Too many times, Republicans
have been just as guilty as Democrats
of too much pork spending. We have
to be responsible stewards of taxpayer

Cafaro conviction was lost on Space

Zack Space has made ethics a centerpiece of his campaign for the Democratic
party's nomination to run against incumbent GOP congressman Bob Ney of Licking County, whose ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff are being probed by federal

But Zacko invites a Abramoff beneficiary, Jay Inslee, to help him campaign.

Space, who serves as Dover's city law director, held a press conference in
January, where he pledged that he wouldn't be "bought off by lobbyists or
special interests."

Zacko has a cushy job in which he got his own salary raised by a Bazillion % to add to his "shake down" law firm millions.

That didn't keep him from accepting a $2,000 campaign contribution from John J.
Cafaro of Youngstown, who pleaded guilty to illegally giving cash and gifts to
former congressman Jim Traficant and was fined $150,000. When Space's campaign was asked about Cafaro's donation today, a staffer said he'll return it.

"Zack isn't a politician and he didn't really follow all the intricacies of
what Cafaro was involved in," said Space campaign spokesman John Rowley.

At least Zacko is up front about being clueless about politics. Using his political saavy and his apparent inability to read, Zacko could do a real bang up job for people in DC.

The Cafaro family's involvement in the Traficant case has come up repeatedly
in another high-profile Democratic primary race. It has dogged John Cafaro's
daughter, Capri, as she tries to win the Democratic nomination for the 13th
District congressional seat currently held by Sherrod Brown.

Capri Cafaro received immunity from prosecution in exchange for
testimony in federal court, but maintains she did nothing wrong. Her campaign
has hired a lawyer to threaten to sue anyone who incorrectly describes her
immunity deal.The recent publicity about the Cafaro's links to Traficant didn't
register with Space, his campaign says."I don't think he is closely following
any race but his own," Rowley said.

-- Sabrina Eaton

Since Zacko can't get his central campaign thing working ethically, hasn't picked up a paper in the last decade and has admitted that he is clueless about the job he is applying for, maybe he can represent Capri in all of her potential law suits. He could make MILLIONS!