Tuesday, October 16, 2007

George Washington's Knapp A Hypocrite. What's New?

An open letter to Steven Knapp, president of The George Washington University

October 10, 2007

President Steven Knapp

The George Washington University
2121 I Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20052

Seven students at your institution falsely attributed the “Hate Muslims? So Do We!!” fliers to The George Washington University chapter of Young America’s Foundation. When the fliers initially surfaced you said, “There is no place for expressions of hatred on our campus. We do not condone, and we will not tolerate the dissemination of fliers or other documents that vilify any religious, ethnic or racial group.”

We agree. Vicious personal attacks levied on students are intolerable, and should not go unpunished. The question remains: what will you do about such blatant character assassination now that the truth is out? How will you demonstrate that you don’t “condone” or “tolerate” the dissemination of hate?

To be clear, liberal radicals on your campus accused conservative students of engaging in racist activities, and to buttress those baseless claims, these same radicals manufactured actual racist activities to pin on the young conservatives.

Student Association Executive Vice President Brand Kroeger told the GW Hatchet that he “would support expulsion. These acts are completely heinous.” Again, we agree with this statement if Kroeger believes it is the job of The George Washington University to protect the reputation of students who are wrongfully maligned. In an open letter to you, the culprits admit to distorting the views of the conservatives on campus. They wrote, “We want to reach out to our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Holy Month of Ramadan in hopes that they will embrace our misrepresented, but honorable stand against racism” (emphasis added).

There is, of course, a clear difference between ordinary Muslims who positively contribute to society and radical Jihadists who boast about murdering people indiscriminately. It’s a typical left-wing tactic, however, to just call names, such as “racist,” rather than engage in a serious debate, in this case, over radical Islam. Only the intellectually deficient revert to such slanderous attacks.

The seven who put up the phony fliers are frauds.

You should issue an apology to the conservatives unfairly targeted. It was obvious that the fliers were spreading lies, but your administration, led by Bridgette Behling—the assistant director of the Student Activities Center—sent emails to the young conservatives pressuring them to sign statements disavowing any hate speech that may originate at any future Young America’s Foundation event.

That’s astonishing. Maybe she forgot that the presumption of innocence is an American hallmark? Or maybe your administration should pressure leftist groups to sign statements disavowing any future dirty tricks on conservatives?

The political profiling of conservatives MUST stop. You need to organize a forum immediately that embraces intellectual diversity and denounces the Left’s attempts to create hostile learning environments for conservatives. The campus leftists wrote that Young America’s Foundation “should not [be] allow[ed]” to host conservative speakers. These seven students are trying to squelch robust dialogue and free speech. We believe this to be the goal of their scheme. As president of The George Washington University, we hope that you will create an atmosphere where all students, including conservatives, feel welcomed.

Don’t waste the opportunity.

Ron Robinson, President of Young America’s Foundation


Response to Ron Robinson from Steven Knapp, President of The George Washington University

I am so glad that my two are out of college. At the moment I am listening to a pompous ass, Tanya Acker, from LA pontificate about racism, the law and education on Fox News. Ms. Acker, after interrupting others constantly actually ordered them with a "Do NOT interrupt me again" statement. What a putzette.
Ms. Acker is symptomatic of educators in general and Mr. Knapp specifically in that they are arrogant hypocrites who should under no circumstances be allowed near children and young adults.

1970 Was A Very Fun Year

Just like mine

Which Ass Decided We Needed Permission To Wiretap Our Enemy?


"You know that this is how this country is - everything is by the law.
They just did not want to break the law, and I understand that. They should
change the law, because God only knows what type of information they could have found during that time period."

Really, who decided this crap? How can we, as citizens, fight this idiocy? We have to because the Good Lord knows that Voinovich and Sherrod aren't going to lift a finger to support our troops.

NYTs, WP & BG, Hire Me. I'm Qualified

With so many things going on in the world and many of the stalwarts of the MSM losing gravitas I offer my services as a cracker jack reporter in the mold of the best the MSM has ever offered. Being a person who thinks outside of the box I have decided that the traditional CV is a cliche, thus I offer something newer than Dan Rather's chaps with matching mudflaps;

Meus Gravis Vita
For years I have not wandered more than a few blocks from my office/home except when that taxi driver got lost. Last year I did try a new dry cleaner, but he spoke a language I could understand which ruined the mystic of dealing with the 3rd world.

In the interest of openness I must also report that I accepted a trip to Scottsdale, AZ for an "annual meeting" last year from my employer. The said trip was fully paid for by my employer utilizing an all-inclusive resort in an attempt to sway my objectivity. On my part I fought back by not attending one meeting, dinner, lunch or breakfast. Not even a breakout session nor wine "get-together". I did empty the mini-bar daily and did increase my take home that month by 12% by submitting the maximum per diem for the entire trip including travel days.

In lieu of the 5 W's, today's reporter must involve creativity in their work whether it is theirs or borrowed. Thus we serve ourselves and the public.

Favorite Book: On The Road Again, Jack Kerouac
Favorite Song: Get on You Bad Motor Scooter and Slide, Montrose
Favorite Movie: Anything Woody Allen likes.

References: Upon request.