Sunday, December 19, 2010

If States Like Ohio Want To Gain Population And Business They Must Go Conservative

Yep, states are losing population which leave soon after liberals impose their policies which drives business out state. And liberals don't get it.

New population count may complicate Obama 2012 bid

The only way possible for a state to rebound is with a good business environment which will bring a good environment of quality life. Ohio is a perfect example of how to ruin a state which liberal tax and spend policies have been pursued by Democrats and RINOs.

The Tea Party Defeated The Dream Act & Will Defeat Those Who Voted For The Repeal Of DADT

Nothing like a progressive president to remind voters what they don't like about government.

Who Killed DREAM? The Tea Party Did

Making illegal immigrants legal just to grow the Democrat base is wrong. Making the military fall in line with business just to pay the base back for their voting and donation support is wrong. The military is not just like other entities. It stands alone in its rules and regulation to do its sole mission well which is to kill and win wars. Homosexual awareness seminars will not further that goal. Placing new guidelines for a newly recognized group within the military for promotion and command will not further that goal.
Who will assign who to which barracks...