Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What does Zack Space stand for?

What does Zack Space believe in?

Nobody knows.

Zack hasn't told anybody.

Joy Padgett has laid out a complete platform that tells her beliefs and her stands.

Zack Space has not.

Can anyone tell me what Zack Space will do?

appalachiangreens got the blues

Republicans packing/kitchen is too hot/Chad M. Edwards etches in stone for the ages

"I'm sure by now you folks know that I really ain't no big fan of the Democratic Party. However, with dumbass candidates like Bob Corker in Tennessee, Joy Padgett and Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio, John Raese and Chris Wakim in West Virginia; I am thoroughly convinced that the Republicans just simply need to pack up their shit and move to another country where they'll be more comfortable. Like Iran. "

Kitchen heat turned up in the comments/Chad M. Edwards lays down truth-to-power at 10 cents an hour and throws in a wet dream!

"Iran was one idea- another is China. If the Republicans could only rule here like they do over there, they could just ban all other parties which would save them the hassle of having to fix all those Diebold machines. Plus they could get away with paying people ten cents an hour and if anyone asks any questions they just get to toss their critic's asses in jail- a Newt Gingrich wetdream!"

Yep, this is the mind of the liberal. He just makes Zack Space beam with pride, as well he should, because Chad M. Edwards is pure political genius. Bob Corker in Tennessee, Joy Padgett and Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio, John Raese and Chris Wakim in West Virginia, pack you bags and take all of your "dumb ass" supporters with you. You're not needed in Mr Chad M. Edwards perfect world. Besides, you're a nuisance to the one party system of today's Progressives.

How to twist your mind around hate

OH 18: Padgett plays the prejudice card Joy Padgett the woman that accused
former hostage Terry Anderson as being weak on terrorism has sunk into the
smelly bowels of prejudice this election. Her new ad "she is one of us" seems a
safe enough line, but then in between repeating this line she mentions the
marriage amendment and immigration. Yes Joy we get it, your one of us
means white, non-Hispanic gay hater
. I'm half surprised there isn't a
confederate flag or a burning cross somewhere in the commercial.Bad news Joy,
your not one of us, your an unethical, say anything do anything to get elected
joke of a candidate.I say it once again. Joy Padgett is the worse candidate for
congress in Ohio, yes that includes Jean Schmidt. (But she is a close
second.) Zack Space is the clear choice here. Leadership vs. Prejudice. Easy
decision. (Emphasis mine)

Okay Joe, I know you're a spiritual guy who likes to live that way, but where did you drop off your Bible? Who'd thought confederate flags and burning crosses would come to mind? I think this says more about your little festering demons than anyone else.

Your "stretch"condemnss a large part of America and I personally am offended by it. Your lack of depth and your slick linkage to things never implied are what deflects clear differences between candidates from modern campaigning. Your guttersniping impugns a good woman, her campaign and most of the 18th District of Ohio. You should be ashamed.

Oh, I shouldn't be so harsh, maybe you just read the daily kos talking points memo. Plus, way too much info on your "smelly bowel" problem.