Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hate Bush? The Hell With Iraq & Iraqis.

IraqiPundit nails it. Read it.

America More Popular, Anti-Americans Less So

This is a very cool video, but the site, Say Anything, goes on to ask a question that many liberals including Ron Paul will not like to be asked.

Video: Sarkozy’s Speech Before Congress

What’s particularly interesting is that, years ago when the Bush
presidency was new and Iraq was a fresh issue, the left told us constantly that
George Bush was making America less popular in the world. Yet during the President’s term in office three of our traditional allies (Canada, Germany and now France) elected leaders that displaced virulently anti-Bush and anti-American leaders with people more of Sarkozy’s temperament (Stephen Harper in Canada and Angela Merkel in Germany).

Sort of almost seems like...that whole “less popular America” thing
just isn’t true.

But, but, but the liberals say we're mean warmongers that have destroyed America's reputation around the globe and Ron Paul says that when we're mean to Islamofascists and dictators they will attack us. Gee, what were we thinking, standing up for freedom in a heart of darkness like Iraq? Only fools wish for freedom or so it seems in some small minds.

Ron Paul Losers Want To Win By Cheating

Polls, okay, we have the packed and stacked internet polls where roNPaulians flock through prearranged planning to try to make their candidate appear to be the "winner". The fly in their ointment is that one can go to their sites and read the planning and the gloating.

Money (maybe/maybe not real money), stage one day extravaganzas to raise money and get news converage to appear to have the big-mo. That's campaigning 101, but the media picks it up and passes on their information that makes it appear that this is an organic and spontaneous show of generosity that the RP campaign has nothing to do with. You wanna a bridge in Brooklyn? Lucky day for you, I got one right here.

Swarm, get together a group of people to swarm websites to denigrate and pummel people as liars, incompetent, illiterate, neo-cons, fools, shills, or whatever if they don't support Ron Paul.

Spam. Ron Paul won the debate? Yeah, I guess most of the world, except the United States, believes he won the debates hands-down so you should vote for Ronnie if you believe spammers in foreign countries can vote.

Attack, attack, attack. "You don't know the constitution". "You are a neo-blood-sucking-con". "People would bother to reason with you if you weren't such an obvious lowly hack for the communist-loving Rockefeller-humping neo-cons." Etc., etc., etc.. People that say these things need a life or at least someone who can make them believe thet might have a life.

Conspiracy anyone? [insert name/group] is out to get Mr. Paul. In fact, all of the above is the work of conspirators out to get the only true and real constitutionally red blooded American left in the western hemisphere. The Founding Fathers actually talked about how the Joos were going to fool the entire country into war and a one world government, but they did it in secret which is why there is no written record, but we know it to be true, you, you, neo-con. Case in point: "This is nefarious and demonstrates the kind of tactics that the establishment could use to serve their interest in stopping the advance of Ron Paul and the Revolution for freedom that he is leading as well as his Presidential bid."

Why am I po'd about Ron Paul and his juvenile gangsters? Because I love politics and the life blood it gives our national debate. I hate little Mussolinis running around demanding this and demanding that, as if I really give a rat's ass what they want. As I have repeatedly said before, Ron Paul has had some good ideas, but I wouldn't vote for Ron Paul for any reason under the sun because of the fools, bullies and cheaters that seem to support him.

They are trash. And no amount of money will change that.

And there is more:

Decoy Election Websites Pretend to Root for Your Candidate is one of a small network of sites with prime
domain names, like and, that have sprung up this year and share uncanny similarities. They use the same forum
software, are hidden behind anonymous domain-registration services and are
served by the same hosting company with a common internet IP address.

The content is also similar, sometimes featuring posts under the
impersonated names of popular political pundits and bloggers, or promoting
misleading links to candidate sites that route to YouTube videos attacking them.
Most posts adopt the persona of a supporter of the candidate, while offering
views that amount to over-the-top parodies of genuine boosters.

"A lot of it is sarcastic, and playing to stereotypical impressions," says Bill Beutler, a senior online analyst with the political consulting group New Media Strategies in Arlington, Virginia. "It is my impression that a majority of people on the ( board are Ron Paul supporters."