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Who Is Responsible For Trayvon Martin's Death?

It appears who one believes responsible depends on who one wants to blame at this point. Did, as liberals are quick to blame, George Zimmerman, a Hispanic Democrat, among others commit murder? We don't know yet. What is clear is that liberals hope to gain politically by Trayvon Martin's death and damn the facts as long as they think they can score political points and money by calling Republicans, conservatives and apparently every other person or group in the country racists.

Some examples:

MSNBC Host Blames Limbaugh, Gingrich, Santorum For Trayvon

MSNBC's Karen Finney Says the Koch Brothers Killed Trayvon Martin

EBL: Ed Schultz blames Jeb Bush for the Trayvon Martin shooting ...

Black Leaders and Media Blame Whites and Republicans for Trayvon

Lefties blame the conservatives, the NRA, the Gov. of Florida and ..

Bill Maher Blames Trayon Martin's Death on NRA, Democrats for ..

America Did It: Don't Blame Florida for Trayvon Martin's Death | Salty ...

Nutty Dick Gregory: Trayvon Martin Was Killed So His Organs Could ...

The Role ALEC Played in Trayvon Martin's Death | Crooks and Liars

Fortunately for my mother she is not around to get blamed as well. All 5' 0" of her. But I am not holding my breath. If dead liberals can vote in such high numbers I am sure they can also blame dead people for this.

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Too Funny: E.J. Dionne, ObamaCare, The Constitution And Our "Democracy"

Via International Liberty by Dan Mitchell

E.J. Dionne Forgets that America Is a Constitutional Republic

My daily email containing the editorials and opinion columns from the Washington Post included an item written by E.J. Dionne entitled “Supreme Court activists: Conservative justices forget we’re a democracy.”
Surely this was a mistake.
I suspect he does understand, at least with regard to the first question. For instance, I’d bet a lot of money that he was correctly in favor of the Court’s decision to protect flag burning as a form of political speech, notwithstanding public opinion and congressional approval.
But he seems to join with other leftists in treating the interstate commerce clause as some sort of blank check for federal intervention into every aspect of our lives. And it shows up in various ways in his column.
…conservative justices are prepared to act as an alternative legislature…discussing whether parts of the law could stand if other parts fell… Sotomayor asked what was wrong with leaving as much discretion as possible “in the hands of the people who should be fixing this, not us.” It was nice to be reminded that we’re a democracy, not a judicial dictatorship. …This is what conservative justices will do if they strike down or cripple the health-care law. …a court that…sees no limits on its power, no need to defer to those elected to make our laws.
At the risk of being blunt, the conservative justices are doing exactly what they should be doing. They’re deciding if a law enacted by Congress is consistent with the powers granted to Congress by the Constitution.
America has a democratic form of government, but we are not a democracy. At least not in the sense that 51 percent of the people have the unlimited right to rape and pillage 49 percent of the people.
I have no idea of the Supreme Court will make the right decision, but I am overwhelmingly confident that the Founding Fathers didn’t envision mandated health insurance as a function of the federal government.
But maybe I’m just too old fashioned, because when I peruse the enumerated powers, I don’t see any authority for a Department of Energy either. Or aDepartment of Agriculture. Or a Department of Commerce. Or Department of Housing and Urban Development. Or Department of Education. Or a Department of Transportation. Or…well, you get the idea.

This isn't the first (or last) foolish piece by Dionne.

The Left Has Made The Trayvon Martin Story Even Sadder

Muhammad: Well, according to the street law, he has been charged with murder. 

Cooper: According to the what? 

Muhammad: We have 40—30,000 people out here today—according to street law, according to God’s law. Andy, I want to say I don’t obey the white man’s law, I don’t follow the American law. The American law—the American law does not protect me, Anderson. I’m not a citizen. So I have no right to respect American law. So we decided to (unintelligible) language, to put pressure on the United Snakes, because these are snakes, government to arrest him. Because when the people find him, he may not be alive. So do your job. Do your job.

or as Instapundit put it:

Hispanic Democrat shoots a black guy and somehow it’s the fault of white Republicans. Because, I guess, everything is.

This entire horrific story has been even made more horrific by posers and other people with an agenda bend facts to fit and fan the flames of racism by false stories and false charges of racism. It's all in the left's playbook of tactics and strategy. That is a sad fact of modern politics and will become more so if progressives and socialists believe they are indeed successfully pushing their meme. This will be even more true if they can prevent the facts from becoming the basis of the story which is also sad because we don't know if George Zimmerman is guilty or not. Of course, to the left Zimmerman's innocence might just be collateral damage for their greater "good."

ADDED: Professor Douglas at American Power points out another aspect of turning this into a circus for profit:

Trademarking Trayvon

Another Heartwarming Report On The Care We Will Receive Through ObamaCare And Our Social Welfare State II

The Internal Revenue Service wants to add about 4,000 agents to hunt down tax cheats and still plans to spend $303 million building a system to oversee Obamacare even though its future looks bleak in the U.S. Supreme Court.

In which we, the taxpayer, have to pay for us, the taxpayer, getting screwed. But with free condoms!

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Another Heartwarming Report On The Care We Will Receive Through ObamaCare And Our Social Welfare State

Via Curmudgeonly and Skeptical

Newborn Seized in Hospital by Police, Social Worker

Late in the afternoon, a government social worker named Angelica Lopez-Heagy came into Jodi’s room announcing that she was there to conduct an investigation. Jodi asked to know the allegations. The social worker claimed that it would be against the law for her to show Jodi the allegations.
Jodi replied that she would not be comfortable answering the questions if she couldn’t know the allegations. Immediately the social worker proclaimed, “Since you’re not going to cooperate, I’ll just go and call the police and we can take custody of the baby.”
Fearing that the social worker would carry out her threat, Jodi replied that she was willing to cooperate.
The social worker soon intimated that the issue was Jodi’s refusal to consent to medical treatment for the baby. Jodi replied that she had no idea why anyone would say that. The social worker claimed that she had refused to allow a Vitamin K shot for Annie. Jodi replied that no one had asked her about such a shot. Moreover, she had overheard hospital staffers saying that they had already given Annie such a shot.
Neither the social worker nor any hospital staffer ever gave Jodi or Scott any example of any medically necessary treatment that they had refused for Annie.
At this point, Scott left the hospital to tend to their older children who were staying with friends.
Read the rest and weep for our country. I hope those responsible for this assault are thrown in prison.

Spike Spiked The Wrong Address

Vigilantism is never pretty. Nor is Spike Lee.

Crayons To Paint

SCOTUS: ObamaCare Win Could Mean Obama Loss

Many friends are saying if ObamaCare wins with the Supremes we could see an Obama loss in November. Inversely, a supreme loss could signal a sympathetic win for the One in November.

The results? If Obama wins we're stuck with him and his ilk for only four more years. If the anti-patient, anti-doctor and anti-American ObamaCare wins we will get a Romney for president, but we'll be stuck with ObamaCare for ever.

For America we can only hope ObamaCare and Obama go the way of all socialist governments.


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Storm Travel

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Trayvon Martin Is Being Used For Money And Politics

“The epidemic is truly black on black crime,” Bryant said. “The greatest danger to the lives of young black men are young black men.”

Bryant said he wishes civil rights leaders were protesting those problems.
“Why not be angry about the wholesale murder that goes on in the streets of Newark and Chicago?” he asked. “Why isn’t somebody angry about that six-year-old girl who was killed on her steps last weekend in a cross fire when two gang members in Chicago start shooting at each other? Why is there no outrage about that?”
Bryant said he worries that “people like Sharpton and those on the left” will make Martin’s death a campaign issue in the presidential race.
He speculated that they will “turn this evolving tragedy of this young man into fodder to say… if you don’t re-elect Obama then you will have unbridled events or circumstances like this happening in the streets to young men wearing hoodies.”

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Dick Cheney And The Normal Hate Filled Left

God bless him and help him.

Cheney older, waited longer than average for heart transplant... 

The hate of the left is now so normal it is embarrassing. For them. Go read their Tweets. Typically disgusting. Typically leftist, hate filled and elitist.


Martin & Zimmerman: Who Knows The Facts?

We do know the fact that the left is using this as a meme to create racism minus the facts. As such we only need to look at the headlines to see where the marionettes of the left will steer this story to support their agenda which, of course, is to keep the majority of blacks voting Democrat through lies, lies and outright lies. Thus the racism of the left:

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton must be proud. Leftists are proud. Of themselves. Which is sad. What is so sad is that the truth will be sacrificed on the alter of secular liberalism and when the real facts come out, if liberals are wrong which may be correct or not, their "truth" will be repeated over and over. Thank Alinsky, who they follow.

Facts do not matter. To them.

Obama: The First President

• First President to Preside Over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United States Government

• First President to 
Violate the War Powers Act

• First President to 
Orchestrate the Sale of Murder Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels

• First President to issue 
an unlawful "recess-appointment" while the U.S. Senate remained in session (against the advice of his own Justice Department).

• First President to 
be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

• First President to 
Defy a Federal Judge's Court Order to Cease Implementing the 'Health Care Reform' Law

• First President to 
halt deportations of illegal aliens and grant them work permits, a form of stealth amnesty roughly equivalent to "The DREAM Act", which could not pass Congress

• First President to 
Require All Americans to Purchase a Product From a Third Party

• First President to 
Spend a Trillion Dollars on 'Shovel-Ready' Jobs -- and Later Admit There Was No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Jobs

• First President to 
sue states for requiring valid IDs to vote, even though the same administration requires valid IDs to travel by air

• First President to 
Abrogate Bankruptcy Law to Turn Over Control of Companies to His Union Supporters

• First President to sign into law a bill that permits 
the government to "hold anyone suspected of being associated with terrorism indefinitely, without any form of due process. No indictment. No judge or jury. No evidence. No trial. Just an indefinite jail sentence."

• First President to 
Bypass Congress and Implement the DREAM Act Through Executive Fiat

• First President to 
Threaten Insurance Companies After They Publicly Spoke out on How Obamacare Helped Cause their Rate Increases

• First President to 
Threaten an Auto Company (Ford) After It Publicly Mocked Bailouts of GM and Chrysler 

• First President to "
Order a Secret Amnesty Program that Stopped the Deportations of Illegal Immigrants Across the U.S., Including Those With Criminal Convictions"

• First President to 
Demand a Company Hand Over $20 Billion to One of His Political Appointees

• First President to 
Terminate America's Ability to Put a Man into Space.

• First President to 
Encourage Racial Discrimination and Intimidation at Polling Places

• First President to 
Have a Law Signed By an 'Auto-pen' Without Being "Present"

• First President to 
Arbitrarily Declare an Existing Law Unconstitutional and Refuse to Enforce It

• First President to 
Tell a Major Manufacturing Company In Which State They Are Allowed to Locate a Factory

• First President to 
refuse to comply with a House Oversight Committee subpoena.

• First President to 
File Lawsuits Against the States He Swore an Oath to Protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN, etc.)

• First President to 
Withdraw an Existing Coal Permit That Had Been Properly Issued Years Ago

• First President to 
Fire an Inspector General of Americorps for Catching One of His Friends in a Corruption Case

• First President to 
Propose an Executive Order Demanding Companies Disclose Their Political Contributions to Bid on Government Contracts

• First President to allow 
Mexican police to conduct law enforcement activities on American soil

• First President to 
Golf 90 or More Times in His First Three Years in Office

But remember: he 
will not rest until all Americans have jobs, affordable homes, green-energy vehicles, and the environment is repaired, etc., etc., etc.

And don't forget the FREE contraceptives. Is there nothing he won't allow us to do on our own?

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Just Like Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Has A Family

The environment is just too target rich for the likes of the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the world, especially when they smell blood money. Like sharks they won't wait for the facts, no, they will attack while the headlines are still warm with blood in the water. That's how they make headlines. That's how they make money. That's how they blackmail governments into making unnecessary laws. That's how they use people to get what they want.

A statement by George Zimmerman's father, a retired judge:

“The tragic events of February 26 are very sad for all concerned. The Martin family, our family, and the entire community have been forever changed.
The portrayal of George Zimmerman in the media, as well as the series of events that led to the tragic shooting are false and extremely misleading. Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations have used this tragedy to further their own causes and agendas.
George is a Spanish speaking minority with many black family members and friends. He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever. One black neighbor recently interviewed said she knew everything in the media was untrue and that she would trust George with her life. Another black neighbor said that George was the only one, black or white, who came and welcomed her to the community, offering any assistance he could provide. Recently, I met two black children George invited to a social event. I asked where they met George. They responded that he was their mentor. They said George visited them routinely, took them places, helped them, and taught them things and that they really loved George. The media portrayal of George as a racist could not be further from the truth.
The events of February 26 reported in the media are also totally inaccurate. Out of respect for the on-going investigation, I will not discuss specifics. However, the media reports of the events are imaginary at best. At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin. When the true details of the event become public, and I hope that will be soon, everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media.
Our entire family is deeply sorry for the loss of Trayvon. We pray for the Martin family daily. We also pray that the community will grieve together and not be divided by more unwarranted hate.
The Zimmerman family will have no further contact with the media prior to the resolution of the investigation. It would be greatly appreciated if the media would respect our privacy.”
If, according to liberals, minorities can't be racist which is a preposterous idea, George Zimmerman could not have committed racial profiling nor a hate crime given his background and racial makeup. 
What really happened? Hopefully we will see, but racists like the Sharptons, Jacksons and others who use race as a tool to gain power, make money and to get cheap headlines, will try their best to make sure the facts have nothing to do with the verdict.
George Zimmerman has a family too. Maybe he isn't racially acceptable to racists.

Time For Maher To Man Up Which May Be Impossible For Bill

From the NYT.

Maher’s Attacks on Women

To the Editor:
Re “Please Stop Apologizing,” by Bill Maher (Op-Ed, March 22):
We’re both women who have worked in Democratic politics and the media for decades and find Bill Maher’s misogynist treatment of women candidates deeply disturbing. Coincidentally we both hail from Alaska — where women are treated as equals — so perhaps our threshold for this kind of behavior is less than here in the Lower 48.
Mr. Maher has implicitly attempted to tie his own demeaning attacks on women to the unrelated issue of partisan-motivated fake outrage, which we agree is tiring. While others have been held to account for their sexism, Mr. Maher remains unrepentant for his attacks on women in public life.
How can we expect women to run for office when they are essentially told to “lighten up about” and accept misogynist attacks? The Women’s Media Center has found that such attacks on women candidates have a measurable negative effect on how voters view them.
Our message to Mr. Maher and his ilk is: Please start apologizing.
Washington, March 23, 2012
Ms. Lee is the former executive director of the Democratic Governors Association. Ms. Powers is a political commentator who worked in the Clinton administration.

Tolerant Left Wants To Kill Limbaugh

Professors Against Free Speech

But the overflow crowd outside wasn’t able to hear many such remarks by Gingrich. As he began to speak, Led Zeppelin music began blaring from Blessey Hall next door. Prof. Johannesson admitted to The Daily Caller that the music was her doing.
“That fatass. … I don’t care if he comes to talk, but I don’t think I should have to listen.” As Gingrich emerged from the back of the Richardson Hall to leave, Johannesson cried, “Boo! Go home!”
Such a lovely lady who appears not to suffer from being a "fatass." On the other hand she feels it necessary to deprive others, those who agree with Gingrich and those that don't, the ability to hear what he has to say. Pretty normal for such elitist professors as opposed to real professors who search for all ideas to relate to their teaching. Her only redeeming quality is her taste in music.

Left Wing Misogyny