Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dream Act A Legal Way To Corrupt Politics With Illegals

Democrats and their bought and paid for subsidiary, the Latino bloc, love the Dream Act. For them, what's not to love? Both get what they want, more legal illegal votes for one and legality not deserved for the other.

The Dems must have bullied, bought and threatened enough to put it up for a vote. I think voters had an opinion about these types of multi-layered corrupt activities last November 2. Maybe the Dems missed that.

Nah, they have a long history of vote buying. It's a party Tammany Hall thing.

Dems Kill Gitmo

Congress deals death blow to Guantanamo closure
Obama was overheard to plaintively inquire, "Et tu Brutii?"

Harrah Reid Tries To Slip Poker In Back Door

Harry Reid tries to add online poker to tax bill

Already, the online poker proposal has exposed the Nevada Democrat to charges of flip-flopping on a controversial issue, as well as using his Senate leadership position to repay big casino interests that helped him win reelection in a hard-fought campaign against Republican Sharron Angle last month.

Reid, who has previously opposed online gambling, declined to comment Monday through a spokesman.


Why Can't We Get Rid Of Fed Depts Like The FCC & The DOE

Now the FCC wants to do for the Internet what the DOE has done for education. A dumber, slower, more expensive, govt controlled Internet is not the answer to our problems, but a more nimble electorate might help some of our problems by eliminating both the FCC and the DOE. Actually, both DOE.