Friday, December 28, 2007

Smoke, 2nd Hand Smoke And Self Rightous Smugness Kills Truth

Smoking Ban Hits French Cafe Culture

France Consigns Smoky Cafes to History Under Broadening Smoking Ban

But many bartenders and restaurant staffers are looking forward to breathing easier and to clothes that don't stink of seeped-in odors from the clouds of smoke where they work.

Who ever wrote this crap either has never worked in a restaurant or is more than willing to bend the truth to make a point they believe worth making. Either way, well meaning or not, they are a liar.

As one who has worked in many restaurants it is with no effort I can re-smell garlic, yeast, oregano, fish, burned butter, oil and meat or the incredible mix of foods smashed onto the floor that needs to be scrapped up, hosed out and disposed of at the end of the working night. These are the smells, mixed with smoke, spilled beer and booze, one goes home with after a night working in a restaurant. Well, these things mixed with B.O., perfume, cheap cologne and bad breath.

“Seeped-in odors from clouds of smoke”? Yeah, right.

Was it that rough scaling Iwo Jima to single handedly hunt down and kill that paper-hanging sonofabitch in Berlin?

I hate drama queens.