Monday, April 09, 2007

A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs

“If it’s a carefully constructed set of principles, it could carry a lot of weight even if not everyone agrees,”
Mr. Wales said.
UPDATE: Sniper One says it is a steaming pile of....

Yglesias - Class(less) act all by himself

I won’t take the cheap shot path that Yglesias does by using his commenters, such as they are, to rebut what he writes. His writing is asinine all by itself.

Stay Classy,LGF

The sheer number of people who believe Pelosi should be
prosecuted under the
Logan Act is fascinating. I wonder why they think the political impact of an unpopular president using a Dead Letter law to seek the incaraceration of a popular House Speaker over a policy dispute would be.

To Matt, the Logan Act is a Dead Letter law.

Logan Act
In general, the Act is intended to prohibit United States
citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United
States and foreign governments. Although attempts have been made to repeal the
Act, it remains law and at least a potential sanction to be used against anyone
who without authority interferes in the foreign relations of the United

Using his reference, Matt also believes the Second Amendment is a Dead Letter as well.

Dead Letter

A dead letter can also refer to anything that has outlived its
relevance, such as a law which has not been revoked but is obsolete,
unapplicable, or no longer enforced. This includes, but is not limited to
. Another example, in Parker v. District of Columbia: "In
short, we take the District’s position to be that the Second Amendment is a dead

Matt has a problem with laws he doesn’t agree with. When Matt has a problem with laws, they shouldn’t exist, then he can ignore them. At least until he can apply them to Republicans. Then, by jebus, they are the law of the land and should be enforced to the maximum.

He also has a problem in that the comments he cites as from LGF aren’t from LGF, but from Reason.