Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What Has Obama Wrought?

A unconstitutional power grab by the federal government, the redistribution of wealth, the instigation and implementation of of not just taking money from those who have made it to give to those that haven't, but also a redistribution of power and control for the Socialist Democratic Party in a way that would have caused our founding fathers to cry traitor.

Feds warn on CHRYSLER liquidation risk; Carmaker could go under next week...
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State firms cry foul over stimulus projects...
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WIRE: Obama Tells American Businesses to Drop Dead...
Rapido con Sonya: Confirmation hearings for Sotomayor to begin July 13...
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Bronstein Admits: Media Loves Obama, And That Ain't Good...

Hiring and firing corporate leaders without their board permission, then packing those boards with union cronies that support the Dems, making business decision that they are unqualified to do, and lashing the country with crushing debt are just a few of Obama's favorite things.

I believe they are all illegal and unconstitutional. Who appointed Obama king to do as he wishes?

How Our Bureaucracy Got Obese

When government went off a healthy diet in the United States.

9th June 1943 : New laws are passed which require employers to withhold federal taxes from weekly paychecks. This changed the earlier format where taxes were paid in one lump sum at the end of each year, and has been called "Pay As You Go tax"

"Pay as you go" is government's way of saying, "Give all of it to us."

We Are A Republic

via Webutante

The United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy. The difference is, in my opinion, extreme and needs to be understood.

Strickland Asking $400M For Loser Project-HSR

In an effort to assist Obama to compound the disastrous Stimulus Plan of grovel ready projects for the states, Strickland is in DC on his knees begging money for a high speed rail for Ohio. Huh? Why? Governments worldwide have proven they can't run railroads and we are to believe Strickland and his cronies are going to pull a Mussolini and make them run on time. Even Mussolini lost money in the railroad business.

Strickland asking for $400 million for passenger rail
"Ohio and those cities represent the most densely populated part of the country that is devoid of passenger rail service," Strickland said, calling that fact "intolerable."

Actually, it is intolerable that these people are wasting our money at such a high rate of speed. This isn't high speed rail, it's high speed revenue with no pay back. It'd be cheaper, faster and better to add a high speed lane on both side of 71 to allow people that want to drive 80 mph. They're going to have to add the lanes at some point anyway, so why not now.

There are only two high speed rail systems that make money in the world. The rest lose money, just like our mismanaged and poorly planned government Amtrak-slow, at an incredible rate.

On the bright side, the government will be able to condemn huge tracts of land to build this albatross and then change the surrounding farm land's tax classification thus raising taxes without have to ask the voters.

Get government, at all levels, out of the business of business. They really stink at all aspects of business.

US Royal Vacation 2 UK

The Obama family visits Westminster — and hears bell toll for MPs

Looks like she thinks the bell tolled for her. Ah, Bridge of Sighs.

Ere her limbs frigidly
Stiffen too rigidly,
Smooth, and compose them;
And her eyes, close them,
Staring so blindly!