Friday, October 22, 2010

WikiLeaks, Its Owner And Those Who Leaked Should Be Charged With Murder

Brave Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have literally put their lives on the line for peace and more freedom. Now their lives are being snuffed out by a snot nosed little coward who runs and hides and the traitors who leak information to him and those that help publish it. How ironic is it that their big product concerned collateral death and it never occurred to them that they are doing the same. Maybe they did think about it, but were too mesmerized with themselves. They are not seekers of truth or heroes. They are human filth.

They should be tried for murder.

WikiLeaks plans 'major' announcement in Europe

They can start with Bradley Manning and that weird little twit, Julian Assange.

Jimmy Sings What Willie Wrote For Howling Wolf

Here's Howling Wolf

Here's Willie

Didn't ever meet Howling Wolf, but Willie Dixon was a player and a nice guy.

UPDATE: I was reminded that I forgot the Allman Brothers Band.

UPDATE II: Okay, now somebody wants the Kooper/Bloomfield version which I thought weaker.

Kids, if I keep putting up vids of white guys passing these songs off as their own, I'd be doing nothing else, but dustin' my broom.

Zack Space Breaks Pledge Accepts Lobbyist Money


In tight races, some Democrats cut corners on ethics pledges

Ethics are just for the little people.

Senator Ma'am

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

Is This A Democrat Fundraising email?

Confidential Business,


I am Mr.Jon Chan a South Korean and one of the Director of Hang Seng Bank Limited here in Hong-Kong. I have a business that I want to offer you.

This projects worth US$25.5 Million and you will have a 30% share from the total amount.

I will give you the full details in my next e-mail and what I need from you. So if you are interested please contact me back at my email address.

I look forward to your urgent response and co-operation.

Kind Regards,
Mr.Jon Chan

Reid Paid $750,000 Cash For His Non-Home In DC

And we pay 100s of thousands of dollars for his non-car in DC.

Harry Reid: Ritz-Carlton not home

Geez, let me get this straight. Harry's defense is that he only paid $750,000 cash for a one bedroom second non-home in Washington, DC?
If Harry wanted to really serve the people of Nevada he should have shared his investment savvy with them so they could have a little nest egg now that they're unemployed. Of course it would help if they could earn a million dollars on land they didn't own anymore. There's savvy and then there's savvy.

Hapless Harry Reid Proves The Peter Principle

But for Me, We'd Be in Worldwide Depression

"We were at the top and we've fallen very hard. So people have been hurting, and I understand that, and it doesn't give them comfort or solace for me to tell them, you know, but for me we'd be in a worldwide depression. They want to know what I've done for them, and that's why it's important for me, any chance I get, to say that my number one job is to create jobs," Reid said, blasting Angle for saying it's not the role of government to create jobs.

Dementia pugilistica

Your Tax Dollars At Work As Govt Unions Buy Election

If you think our education system is broken, don't worry, teacher's unions will use your tax dollars to elect politicians that don't care what you think. You think government is broken, don't worry, bureaucrats, automatic elevator operators and janitors will spend huge amounts of your money to elect politicians who will, in turn, tell you to shut up, you lacky. And they'd be right. You have become a lacky to public employee unions.

Campaign's Big Spender
Public-Employees Union Now Leads All Groups in Independent Election Outlays.
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is now the biggest outside spender of the 2010 elections, thanks to an 11th-hour effort to boost Democrats that has vaulted the public-sector union ahead of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO and a flock of new Republican groups in campaign spending.
The 1.6 million-member AFSCME is spending a total of $87.5 million on the elections after tapping into a $16 million emergency account to help fortify the Democrats' hold on Congress. Last week, AFSCME dug deeper, taking out a $2 million loan to fund its push. The group is spending money on television advertisements, phone calls, campaign mailings and other political efforts, helped by a Supreme Court decision that loosened restrictions on campaign spending.
"We're the big dog," said Larry Scanlon, the head of AFSCME's political operations. "But we don't like to brag."

Good Lord, they're taking out loans for politics using your tax dollars as collateral to defeat your wishes at the polls.