Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm A SOB & Proud Of It

I am now a member of the State of Ohio Blog Alliance.

Tom of BizzyBlog and Matt of Weapons of Mass Discussion invited me to join and I gladly said yes to join with so many of Ohio's finest and most accomplished bloggers. Hopefully they will not come to their senses and say, "Oops, our mistake." If they do ..., well, think of eggs, face and chuckles had by all.

If you look to the sidebar you will see a ticker of recent SOB posts and then a complete listing.

Visit all of them. You will learn, have fun and get to know Ohio much better.

So, yes, I am a SOB and proud of it. Thank you members.

God Causes Global Warming

It's come down to this. Yes, God created all creatures and now they, pigs, cows, humans, and you name it, cause global warming.

Burping Worms May Contribute to Climate Change
Aquatic animals that feed on lake and stream bottom sediments burp out small amounts of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, a new study finds.

Why don't the worms, spewing gas about man made, nee angler's beauties, global warming, climate change or whatever, take it up with God? He listens to all, but as my grandfather told me, he doubted that He suffered fools glady.

Obama, Chavez Redux

This sounds familiar.


'I warn you this revolution means business'...

Change is a thirsty work, especially when one gets to the heavy lifting and it's against the tide of logic and the precedent of failure.

Even the Communist Manifesto looks pretty good on paper. In reality, their heavy lifting is of the dead and the murdered.

"dude ur a tool"

Mike of Il Mondo Di Calcio who has a pretty good football blog decided to stop by, read and then comment on this post;

His comment was the title of this post.
I'm a dude and a tool. He attends Fordham. Loves football. Likes to lurk.
Sorry Mike, but comments like this do you nor anything nor anyone mentioned on your blog any credit.
A couple of my brothers-in-law graduated Fordham. Critical thinkers, they. Well spoken as well. Not Mike.