Friday, October 15, 2010

Kilroy's Path To Victory Is To Destroy Stivers

Ah, the inner-nana comes out at the best of times. Ohio's Mrs Obama wants to just love everyone, except that recalcitrant child Steve Stivers. Mommy rules the roost and Stivers better get that straight. Right?

Mary Jo Kilroy eyes a path to victory

"Steve Stivers will say anything to get elected because that's what lobbyists do."

Maybe it is the inner-schoolmarm
"He doesn't have core beliefs," she told POLITICO in an interview last week in a campaign headquarters reminiscent of an elementary school classroom, complete with a teacher's desk in the corner and a wall full of colored construction paper stars representing top volunteers. "He talks out of all sides of his mouth."

"I absolutely, 100 percent believe that a Republican majority would be very bad for the people of Ohio, very bad for the Midwest and very bad for the people of Ohio 15."

Recap from the Kilroy campaign; Kilroy good, Obama good, Democrats good, Stivers bad, Republicans bad and Democrats love their future while Republicans love the past and the voter isn't too bright.

My vote is decided. It isn't going to Nana nor her Nannanistas.