Tuesday, April 06, 2010

APB: Where Is Zack Space?

!!All Points Bulletin!!

I swear, we take our eyes off that boy for 5 seconds and he just vanishes. At least Mary Jo got all arty at the gallery hop, but Lil' Zack is just plain missing during the Easter break. Mary Jo also got together with Sherrod Brown for what the Columbus Dispatch called a "victory lap" after the health care "reform" vote. Some victory, eh? Plus, that coulda mighta been a real hostile crowd there at gallery hop. Yeah, like there was a danger of raging conservatives cruising for art, looking for that perfect little piece for the nook just outside their guns and money vault at home.

Zack, it seems, did attend a meet and greet in Logan and spoke to a few people, but otherwise most voters haven't a clue where Zack is in the district. Is he even in the district?

So, where is Zack Space?