Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Democrats In MA Screw Their Base, But This Time They Do It Openly

It's about time that the unions start to feel how other Massachusetts voters feel after being totally screwed by state Democrats. It's ironic that things are so bad in Taxachusetts that even Democrats realized they had to cut some dead wood away from the ship of state before it sank under the freebies, handouts and outright bribes that have been needed to oil the liberal Boston Machine.

Measure would curb bargaining on health care

We'll see if the state senate has enough good sense to see this through. I hope Massachusetts doesn't have to call union thugs home from Wisconsin and Ohio to badger, intimidate and threaten legislators in their home state of Taxachusetts.

Gallup/USA Poll: Seniors Prefer Ryan Over Obama

Gallup/USA polling likes to use little tricks such as weighting its polls with unusually high numbers of Democrats and they just released a poll that is going to cause some serious heartburn in the hallowed halls on power in DC.

Seniors like the Ryan/GOP plan for health care reform better than they like the Obama/Dem/Poliburo plan.

Gallup: Seniors Most Favorable To Ryan Budget

Somebody is going under the bus for this one.

Obama Was Altered At Birth

Can this be true? Really? We finally get to see the "real" thing and then find out it has been altered. Why? Actually, why wasn't it altered by someone with more skill than the boobs that altered the crap about Bush that Dan Rather foisted as fake, but accurate.

Did the alterations change important information or is this another layer to Obama's attempt to make anyone who opposes him look nuts? He could've stopped all this in 2008 by giving the proof, but he didn't and hasn't because he was trying to never let a crisis go to waste. He's even tried to turn this into a racist thing even though McCain had to prove the same thing as did Chester Arthur and Andrew Jackson, but why let facts get in the way of a good meme.

This should really quiet things down. Ready for Gradegate?