Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dems against surge or How to pander to a base of nuts

Hagel now working with the Progressives in Congress?

Thanks to Weapons of Mass Discussion


Yep, sure 'nough, it is Chucky Cheese with the equally Levin and Biden.

Hagel denied that the sponsors were defeatist, or were trying to assign
blame to Bush, or had political motives, even though he and Biden are expected
to run for president.

"No one wants to see this country humiliated, defeated, or in any way lose
its purpose," he said. "There is no moral high ground that one group of senators
has over the others."

This guy thinks he is Presidential material? Is he going to pick Dennis "the menace" Kucinich to be his Veep or appoint him as the 1st head of the U.S. Peace Department?

Two peas in a pod.

After 175 years I guess their mission did change

IA World Headquarters staff on break, but still vigilant

Wonder why Justice wears a blindfold?

Attorney Found Naked In Courthouse With 14-Year-Old

Duke 88 strike again

There have been public calls to the authors to retract the ad or apologize for
it, as well as calls for action against them and attacks on their character. We
reject all of these. We think the ad's authors were right to give voice to the
students quoted, whose suffering is real. We also acknowledge the pain that has
been generated by what we believe is a misperception that the authors of the ad
prejudged the rape case.

Bullshit! This group of faculty at Duke University did prejudge. The group of 88 prejudged Duke and all of America. They used the Duke Lacrosse Team as whipping boys to further their argument that racial and sexual discrimination proudly exist at Duke and throughout the United States. Their personal and professional standing is predicated on this thesis. Now, donning their superhero capes of indignation, they say they were misjudged.

They must be very stupid to think we are that ignorant.