Friday, May 25, 2007

Ron Paul and My Mis-Spent Youth.

When I started in politics, I read, listened and studied everything and everybody I could. I read the Washington Post AND The New York Times. In my family they were referred to as the Uptown and the Downtown Daily Worker. I read The Economist religiously and still had until a year or two ago when they went south in the smarts department. I even went to hear Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr speak once. Well, it was before he went to prison.

I first heard Ron Paul on the radio. I think it was around 1975. I was working in Manhattan at the time, had little money and the library and the radio were free. Given my background there were some things I liked, such as Paul was a Doctor, he had served in the military and he was more Libertarian than Republican. In many ways Ron Paul reminded me of my father.It was pre-RR.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul has gone south.

I could state a few reasons such as problems with ghost writers and non-interventionist foreign policy, but the Greater War on Terror and Iraq alone are issues enough to state, "lights on, nobody's home". The world is a smaller place and getting more dangerous. I would prefer that my children do not have to fight this war on their home turf.

But, he had to say this:
They’re not attacking us because we’re rich and free, they’re attacking us
because we’re over there.

Huh? Oh, his followers will whine about how he's right, the Constitution, blah, blah, blah. Lookit young'uns, I have read the Constitution. I have also read about the Barbary Pirates, so can it.

The above statement from Paul is way to close to "You started it", "Uh-UH, you started it", "Did not", "Did TOO".

Ron Paul is lowering the importance of the War on Terror and the issue that these people want to come here and kill us to the level of two fifth graders?

No wonder Andrew Sullivan agrees with Ron Paul.

Take'm to the woodshed.

I'm Also Glad This Week Is Over.

Remember, Even Reagan Had Bad Days

Iraq Roll Call Vote 05/24/2007

Question: On the Motion (Motion to Concur in House Amdt. to Senate Amdt to H.R.2206 )

Vote Number: 181 Vote Date: May 24, 2007, 08:26 PM

Required For Majority: 1/2 Vote Result: Motion Agreed to

Measure Number: H.R. 2206 (U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007 )

Measure Title: Making emergency supplemental appropriations and additional supplemental appropriations for agricultural and other emergency assistance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

Vote Counts:
YEAs 80
NAYs 14
Not Voting 6

YEAs ---80
Akaka (D-HI)
Alexander (R-TN)
Allard (R-CO)
Baucus (D-MT)
Bayh (D-IN)
Bennett (R-UT)
Biden (D-DE)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Bond (R-MO)
Brown (D-OH)
Bunning (R-KY)
Byrd (D-WV)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Cochran (R-MS)
Collins (R-ME)
Conrad (D-ND)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Craig (R-ID)
Crapo (R-ID)
DeMint (R-SC)
Dole (R-NC)
Domenici (R-NM)
Dorgan (D-ND)
Durbin (D-IL)
Ensign (R-NV)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Graham (R-SC)
Grassley (R-IA)
Gregg (R-NH)
Hagel (R-NE)
Harkin (D-IA)
Hutchison (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Inouye (D-HI)
Isakson (R-GA)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Kohl (D-WI)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Lincoln (D-AR)
Lott (R-MS)
Lugar (R-IN)
Martinez (R-FL)
McCain (R-AZ)
McCaskill (D-MO)
McConnell (R-KY)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murkowski (R-AK)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Roberts (R-KS)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shelby (R-AL)
Smith (R-OR)
Snowe (R-ME)
Specter (R-PA)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Stevens (R-AK)
Sununu (R-NH)
Tester (D-MT)
Thune (R-SD)
Vitter (R-LA)
Voinovich (R-OH)
Warner (R-VA)
Webb (D-VA)

NAYs ---14
Boxer (D-CA)
Burr (R-NC)
Clinton (D-NY)
Coburn (R-OK)
Dodd (D-CT)
Enzi (R-WY)
Feingold (D-WI)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Leahy (D-VT)
Obama (D-IL)
Sanders (I-VT)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)

Not Voting - 6
Brownback (R-KS)
Coleman (R-MN)
Hatch (R-UT)

Johnson (D-SD)
Schumer (D-NY)
Thomas (R-WY)